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[Resolved] Most recent WooCommerce Attributes gone?

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Last updated by Nigel 3 years ago.

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Tell us what you are trying to do? I just noticed that the last 11 product attributes and all their terms we added and configured on our products are gone from the WooCommerce Attributes / Single product page. Looking in the database, the taxonomies are still here, but the last one we added are not displayed in the backend.

Is there any documentation that you are following? No

Is there a similar example that we can see? No

What is the link to your site? hidden link


I'm really not sure what's going on but the only thing we did related to taxonomy modifications is the addition of Toolset on our website.

We have 16 product attributes configured: Colors, Size, Brand, Manufacturer, Collection, Composition, Content, Made-in, Closure, Profile, Crown-size, Brim-type, Age-range, Panels, Model and Structure.

The first one were added since a long time ago: Colors, Size, Brand, Manufacturer, Collection

These 5 product attributes are visible in the back-end but all the other ones are GONE! They also don't show up in the single-product backend page. We have spent hours configuring these 16 attributes across our hundreds of products.

I have verified and the taxonomies are still here in the WooCommerce table "wp_woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies" but it seems like something is broken somehow.

I tried to use WooCommerce tools to rebuild the database but the product attributes are still not showing up.

Please tell there's a way to fix this!

Waiting for your feedback.

Thank you!



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Hi there

The first question would be, do you keep backups? Can you revert to a version which was working?

This doesn't sound related to Toolset. With WooCommerce Toolset doesn't do anything in the back end. It provides a way to output WooCommerce data on the front end (customising the product templates or displaying the data elsewhere).

It *can* be used to enter WC data from the front end, i.e. adding or editing products using Toolset Forms, but that can only be used for simple products and not product variations, so I doubt you have been using that. Toolset otherwise isn't involved in manipulating how WC data is stored, that is something done on the WC edit screens.

If you go to Toolset > Taxonomies, for example, you don't even see the WC taxonomies for product attributes etc. because they are not public, so it's not as if you could have accidentally used Toolset to make some changes to required WC data.

If you disable Toolset and everything starts working again, and you re-activate Toolset and it suddenly stops, then I can investigate further, but I don't see how Toolset can be involved here I'm afraid.


Hey Nigel,

Yes we do keep backups but unfortunately there is no easy way to restore a WooCommerce-powered store as of today.

It's been a very, very, very long time I'm waiting for this to become available. I've been around since WooCommerce 2.x.x.

This feature has been requested since January 2016. The current GitHub issue ticket can be accessed here: hidden link

WooCommerce stores orders in the wp_posts table with orders meta stored in its own table wp_ordermeta. This makes it impossible to properly export and re-import orders without losing metadata or corrupting many order IDs.

Regarding Toolset, thank you for the details. With the plugin deactivated, the problem remain. It's like the link to these taxonomies were broken somehow.


Going back today in the product attribute and... all attributes are now displayed!

This is so strange. WPEngine didn't even replied to our ticket yet so I'm not sure if they did anything but at least we've got the taxonomies back...

Thanks for your help Nigel.

All best,



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Hi Bastien

Well, I'm glad to know that it has started working again, even if it is unclear why. Hopefully you will get to the bottom of it in case it comes up again.