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[Resolved] Map Marker z-index or stacking order

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Problem: I would like to be able to control which Map Markers appear "in front" of other Map Markers, similar to a z-index or stacking order.

Solution: By default, Google Maps places Markers based on their location relative to the bottom of the Map. Markers at the bottom of the Map are placed in front of Markers at the top of the Map. Modifying that behavior would require some custom JavaScript that falls outside the scope of the support we provide here in the forums.

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I whant to be able to order the marker.... to control which is OVER... i try some post order plugin but for the marker, it did not work.... here is the page : hidden link

i whant the red and black marker to be on TOP of everything...
simple !


By default, Google Maps stacks markers so that markers closer to the bottom of the map are positioned in front of markers closer to the top of the map. It has nothing to do with the sort order of the posts used to create the markers. If you want to change the stacking order of each individual marker, you must use custom code to find the correct markers and manually adjust their z-index using JavaScript and the Google Maps API. Unfortunately this falls outside the scope of the support we provide here in the forums. If you need professional help with this code, you can contact one of our certified partner contractors: