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[Resolved] Luhn algorithm on a User form

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Last updated by andrewD-10 1 year, 1 month ago.


Hi Toolset,

I have a form for new customers to put in their credit card information or account number. What I would like to do is run java script or PHP code to test if the card is a real card or not using the Luhn Algorithm. This is an algorithm that will determine if the card is a real number (it does not run any transactions, only test the numbers). Would you help me in putting this code inside the form I have. Please see the following links of examples.

Link: hidden link
Link: hidden link

If this is not possible by code is it possible to do the algorithm through a manual mathematical formula and conditional number fields?

Thank you,



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Sorry Andrew

This is custom development work outside the scope of support, we cannot develop features for you like this.

I suggest you visit and look for help there if you don't have access to a developer.


Will do, thank you Nigel.