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[Resolved] Intermediary Post Type naming convention

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Last updated by Stephen Vaughan 3 years, 4 months ago.

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I notice that when you use an intermediary post type with the option to show it in the menu, posts that get created are listed like so:

Intermediary Post Type: Parent-Post-ID - Parent-Post-ID

If possible it might be bette if they were listed as:

Intermediary Post Type: Parent-Post-Name - Parent-Post-Name

It would make it easier to identify specific posts where you need to track down an intermediary field that needs amending.


I assume that was decided so to make it easier to know their ID as that is what you would use in Code, or elsewhere, not the Title, which may be the same for several posts.

Would you not agree that it is cleaner for this "technical" intermediary object to show an ID, which reflects the "technical" usage of this Post Type?
You will rarely display or even reference to these posts, in the new relationship, but rather query and edit directly the related posts.


Ok, I see what you mean, if you need to work programatically with IDs, they are more specific and some end users could actually enter the same title twice by accident.

How about if on the post relationship meta box (see my screenshot) the column for the intermediary post type had a link to open the post for editing the field or even a pop up with the field for editing. Not sure if any of this is technically possible so will leave it with you ant the dev team.