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[Resolved] I wanted create two froms which are connected to each other

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Tell us what you are trying to do?

I want to create a from though which emplyee can add picture and and some detail. And through this infomration I wanted to create an other from for users which in which he can select this picture and then fill some further from and send inquery. Though it is bit complicated process for me that is why I wanted to know how to start this. I hope you understand me.

Is there any documentation that you are following?

Again wanted to tell you in detail. We have web agency where we can created 100+ website templates, I want my emplyee (Web Desinger) can submit a template though front end form and then this template should be added to another form with search where one can not only see these template but also been able to select and then fill a simple information form for further processing.

So therefor need some help.

Is there a similar example that we can see?

What is the link to your site?


Hello, I understand you would like to create two Forms - one for a designer to submit a website template with picture, and another for site visitors to select a template by reviewing a list of images, and also to send additional inquiry details. To set this up, I believe you would need two custom post types: One for the Template, and another for the Inquiry. Both Forms would create new posts. To connect Inquiries to their Templates, you could set up a post relationship between the Template and the Inquiry post types. A one-to-many relationship would be appropriate here, as one Inquiry can be related to one Template, but a Template could have many Inquiries.

Toolset Forms does not come with a built-in way to make a selection based on images, or to loop over a set of images and include an input field for each image. I think there are two options for setting up something that would achieve a similar result.

1. Create a View of the Template post type and include an image of the Template and a link to the Template post in the results. Display this View somewhere on your site. This View will be separate from the Form to create Inquiry posts. Instead of submitting the Inquiry Form in one step, the Inquiry Form would be displayed somewhere in the Content Template for Template posts. First, the User would review the Template images in the View of Templates, then click a link to see the details of that Template, where the Inquiry Form would be displayed. So the selection process would happen outside of the Inquiry Form. I think this is the most straightforward solution that does not require any custom programming, but it does separate the list of images from the Inquiry Form submission.

2. Create a custom solution using custom code. You would need to create a similar View of Templates and display it in the Inquiry Form. In the results of that View, you would include an image of the template and also a custom radio field that would be used to select the desired template. When the Form is submitted, you would need to use custom code to set the parent Template for the Inquiry post based on the User's radio field selection, and this would connect the Inquiry post to the desired Template using post relationships.

If you are not comfortable with custom code, I think option #1 is the closest thing to what you have described. I can help you set this up if you need assistance. If you are comfortable with custom code, I can show you examples and provide guidance for using our PHP APIs for Forms and Post Relationships.

Let me know which option you plan to pursue, and if you have additional questions.


I gueess 1st option sound to be easy and good for me. But did you thing when customer submit an inquiry form, I will be able to get information which template he choose?


But did you thing when customer submit an inquiry form, I will be able to get information which template he choose?
Yes, the simplest method is to visit any Inquiry post in wp-admin to see which Template is its parent post. A more complex method is to create a custom shortcode that displays information about the parent post in automatic email notifications triggered by the Inquiry Form.

When you create the Inquiry Form, it will automatically include a post relationship field that is used to establish which Template is the parent of each Inquiry. If you place the Inquiry Form inside the Content Template for Template posts, you can automatically set the parent Template by inserting this shortcode in the default value of the post relationship field:

[wpv-post-id item="$current_page"]

See the screenshot here for details about where to place this shortcode. In the Inquiry Form, the parent Template will be automatically selected. If you do not want the visitor to be able to change this selection, you can hide the post relationship field with custom CSS. Once you have created the Inquiry Form, I can help you hide the field if you need assistance with this custom CSS code.

As far as the custom shortcode approach for including parent post information in the automatic email notifications associated with a Form, Nigel created a basic shortcode template here:
I could help you customize this if necessary using our post relationship APIs.


I guess now I need your help, I have created two Types and relationship but due to some reason when I try to create view Page is not being displayed. can I share access so that you can have a look.


Okay sure, I can take a closer look if you provide administrator login credentials in the private reply fields here. Let me know where to find the problem.


I guess now I need your help, I have created two Types and relationship but due to some reason when I try to create view Page is not being displayed. can I share access so that you can have a look.
Are you looking for the Views dashboard page at wp-admin > Toolset > Views? If so, you must enable the legacy Views editor in Toolset > Settings > General. Choose "Show both the legacy and Blocks interface and let me choose which to use for each item I build".

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