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[Closed] How to set up a user for a membership plan and view it on the front end

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Tell us what you are trying to do? I am creating forms for people to fill out (using gravity forms). I want these forms to be protected by a membership plan or a free plan. The membership plan will have to create a user and the free forms will not. Once We create the user they login and I add the links to the custom gravity forms for them to fill out.

But I do not know how to setup a membership login after they pay for the membership. Your plugin is awesome but it would help if you had more videos on step by step basic walk through on how to use your plugin.

For example how to create a user role, to paying for a membership, then they have their own account.

Is there a similar example that we can see? hidden link is the site we are kinda of mocking

What is the link to your site? located above

Please help me :/

Also I need to change my username. It never let me choose. This is my personal name and I do not want it as a username. I need to choose a username that represents the company not the employee (me).


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But I do not know how to setup a membership login after they pay for the membership.
Hello, I assume you want your new members to login at a different location than the standard WordPress login location, like /wp-admin, correct? If so, then you can insert a generic login form anywhere on the site using a shortcode. In Toolset Blocks, place a classic block in your design and click the Fields and Views button above the editor (see classic-block-1.png) to insert the Login form using a shortcode. If you are using classic Views, click Fields and Views above a text editor area and you can find the Login form shortcode in the Password management section of the popup (see popup.png).

For a more real-world example, you can see how to create a "My Account" page with a login form here:
This tutorial has more information about restricting content based on User role and post group, which may be useful in your case. That approach requires you to set permissions per role at the post level using post groups. For more granular control, we offer Access Control shortcodes. These will help you manage display of smaller amounts of content within a post or page. You can find more information about the shortcode approach here:

Let me know if something is still not adding up and I can try to direct you to the best source of information about it.

Also I need to change my username.
We try to keep each ticket here focused on one specific issue, so I will split your question about changing your username into a separate ticket and ask for some assistance from our Account team. Hopefully they will be able to help update your profile to use a more appropriate username. I'll follow up in the new ticket shortly.

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