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1- Can you clarify why the form I created using the form builder in some instances have only the label and not the field?

hidden link

2- Ideally we want to create a form where users can submit their post type (Needs & Resource Toolset Post Type)

The user would add their personal info + the info of post type: title, description, deadline, image, need or resource type...)

Before being automatically added it should be approved.

Can you help us clarifying first error and pointing us in the right direction to achieve 2?



I get a 404 on hidden link, can you check this URL?

To achieve #2, I would proceed like this:

1. Create your Post Type
2. Create your Post Form to create new such posts of that Type
3. Make sure the Form sets the post to "pending" state, not published, so you can later review, and publish it (either in the backend or with another form)
4. Insert The Form to a page and submit posts
5. Review them in the backend or another form and publish


Hi, Thanks for the help.

What would be the most rescommended approach to:

When I create a form, I want the user to input when submitting a need : Name, Email Adress, Terms and Conditions agremeent etc.. ? Thanks


Well, it depends what these Name, Email Adress, Terms and Conditions agremeent should be.
Post data, or User Data?

I think it'll be user data, so you would create a Toolset User Form and just add all the native Fields to the form.
For data that you want to be added, but is missing in WordPress's native User Profile you can use Toolset Types User Fields to add the missing details.

For example terms and conditions can be a simple checkbox custom user field saving 1 or nothing for the user checking it

Note, USERs cannot be searched on the front end, so if you need that information to be searchable, you need to save it in some posts.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!