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[Resolved] Frontend Events and JavaScript – how can I get the ID selected?

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I've got a parametric search set up in my view to let people filter by topic (topic is a taxonomy) using checkboxes.

Whenever someone checks a checkbox, I need to get it's ID. So I added a frontend event handler that gets called whenever The parametric search data has been collected.

That gives me a function - I can put an alert() in it and see that it's getting called. But I don't understand how to know what information is being passed in. How can I get the ID of the item the user just selected?

I tried data.view_unique_id but that returns the same value every time, regardless of which item was checked.




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For the front end event, choose Parametric search > The parametric search has been triggered.

The checkboxes have id's such as "in-category-10" etc. and you can retrieve it from the data object with (If you console.log(data) then you can navigate the object in your browser console to see what information is available.)

So this will log the id each time someone clicks on the checkboxes:

jQuery( document ).on( 'js_event_wpv_parametric_search_triggered', function( event, data ) {

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