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[Escalated to 2nd Tier] Forms, Messages translation not working as expected

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Last updated by kelvinL-2 2 years ago.

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This is about the "This field is required" string. I got a User Form where some fields are required, the page is in german. But the error message apears in english in the frontend.

Now, i know this is actually coming from the form itself, the Messages on the bottom. I do have WPML but i really dont want to install it, since it adds quite an unnecessary overhead as a plugin and .po files are so much easier and can be re-used in other projects. Also, of course i don't want to translate every form.

I tried to use wp-cred.po to create a new wp-cred-de_DE.po/mo file, and place it into languages/plugins/ folder. But firstable, it does not seem to do anything, and secondable it creates a file with no translations, while there is actually a _de file
but it's only the .mo file, not the .po file that would be necessary to edit (are the form messages even in there?)

so, my question is: what is the recommended way to translate these form-messages, using poedit and not WPML? and why are some messages translated and others not...?



That Screenshot is not a User Form, it's from a Post Form, I think?
Currently, they are localized with __() so that you can translate those strings with any String Translation software or process, as it follows WordPress structure to localize here.

However, not all are included in the PO. The cred_message_field_required does not have a corresponding entry for "This field is required" for example, while the ones you notice to "work" do have an entry for their values.
There are more of those who do not work, like Image validation, email validation, etc.

What worries me most is that we do not deliver all the translations for those default values, I think they should all be included in Toolset Forms.
The default values of course, only, not what you would enter later.

I'll escalate this to be adjusted, I think we should provide all of those messages as possible PO translations.


Hi Beda

thanks. yes, the screeshot was a Post Form because it has the same issues.

"Currently, they are localized with __() so that you can translate those strings with any String Translation software or process, as it follows WordPress structure to localize here."

What exactly does that mean? if i want to use .po files, how would i translate these strings? like mentioned WPML is too "heavy" for fixing a small problem.


I consulted with our Developers, and those strings are intended to be dynamic strings that you can translate with WPML, not with other methods.

They are localized, registered for translation - this is what I meant before.
You can translate those strings in WPML String Translation only, however, so the developers.

Toolset Forms is not intended to be translated like a Public WordPress Plugin as available on the WordPress plugin page, that is why you will not find the translation files in the suggested folders and applying some there, won't work with Toolset Forms.

However, I do have some doubts myself here, as for starters, if I set the WordPress Install to be in German and have available translations for that language, why would Toolset Forms Validation messages not have to obey those?
I will escalate this ticket to see what we can improve here, however, currently, it seems only possible with WPML.
I will ask to change this and ensure we allow to translate this with PoEdits directly, if possible.
(I think we just need to add the missing strings to the translation, I will see to prove that and ask for changes).


I agree with beatR, I have the WPML lifetime license, my site has only one language, don't find the reason why I have to install the WPML. I strongly recommend Toolset to consider the plugin's translation using the translated file.