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[Resolved] Filter Posts in View by "the same as the current archive page" returning nothing

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Last updated by rubenB 4 years, 9 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.

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Hey, I'm trying to create a View that is showing all of the 'People' in the current 'Role' taxonomy archives eg hidden link

So, I've created a 'Layout for Role Archives'
Inside that I've Placed a View.
That View has a Query Filter
"Select posts with taxonomy: Roles the same as the current archive page"
That filter returns "No Posts Found"


If I don't use that filter, the Archive Page for a Role will display all People (which seems ridiculous!)
I've rewritten htaccess by resaving permalinks.

This is really tricky to work out how to just make an archive to display the posts assigned to it! Please help me work out whats going wrong!

Thanks a billlion!



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Hi Ruben

First, without any further intervention on the part of Toolset, having created a custom taxonomy ("role") which is assigned to a post type ("people"), WordPress will automatically generate archive pages for the taxonomy terms, e.g. if you have a role term of "trainer" then will show a list of all the people with the taxonomy term trainer.

If you want to customise the output of the archive then you can have Toolset manage the archive page. Go to Toolset > WordPress archives and create a new archive for the Role taxonomy. Design the output as required, either directly in the loop output section, or indirectly by linking to a content template. No need to add any query filters. When you visit the url such as it will again list all people with the trainer taxonomy term, but this time the output will be styled according to your design.

If you are using Layouts you don't need to create a special layout for this page with a view unless you want the page to be styled differently.


Thanks Nigel - sorry I'm still missing something!

"Go to Toolset > WordPress archives"

Is actually not there in the beneath the Toolset menu in the Admin Dashboard.
Am I looking in the wrong place?
I've disabled Adminimize Plugin just in case.


The 'Layout for Role Archives' that I've created says in the bottom box:

"This layout is used for these loops:
Person archives
Role archives"

Yet the Role taxonomy archives still display ALL people

Sorry if I'm not understanding your advise...



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Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.11.52.png

Hi Ruben

Attached is how the menu should appear — I have just Types, Views, and Layouts installed.

Looking at your debug info I see now that you have a very old version (1.11.1) of Views installed. The current version is 2.1.

Could you please upgrade your version of Views, then you will see the WordPress archives section in your Toolset menu and my initial reply will hopefully make more sense.


Woops! Sorry Nigel to waste both our time with an out of date plugin. I should have realised that.

Thanks also for clarifying how archive loops work in the new toolset - i found that super confusing