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[Resolved] Edit user form generic filed (Custom Capability)

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Last updated by Minesh 1 year, 5 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Minesh.


Users should be listed here hidden link



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But what users - users having what role? and to what section of the page you want to list the users?


I need to select user I want to edit.



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Yes - but with the Toolset user view - you can list the users by role. Do you want to list ALL users with ALL roles?


Please go to a toolset view “Test Usr Edit FrntEnd” in Admin area. I already customize everything User roles etc. This view is already connected to user form - see Loop section.

I only need - FILTER / SEARCH for user…



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You can not build custom search using user or taxonomy kind view. Custom search in only possible with post type or post type archives.

I see this is the view you created: hidden link

But where you are displaying this view on what page/post?

The flow would be:
- We will list all users with Edit user from link where user can select what user he/she wants to edit
- As soon as he/she click on Edit user form link, user will be redirected to a page where we have added the User Edit form and from the URL param it will get the User ID to know what user needs to be edit

Sounds good? if yes,

You need to tell me where on what page you have or wanted to add the above user view?


Hi Minesh,
you're absolutely right. to speed up process I make comments directly on a page - hidden link > open "Полномочия CCAP edit" block.

1. which code should I put instead '>HERE GOES BUTTON THAT ADD PARAM TO CURENT PAGE<'
2. hidden div (now make it visible for debug purposes, there are stanadrd user fields in it, then I'll change it to custom capability edit field as you proposed) - should take url parameter , please help to pass url user parameter

BR, Dima



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I see you are using Layouts plugin - Are you really using Layouts plugin as the Layouts plugin is shifted to maintenance mode.

If you are not using Layouts plugin - then I should disable it.


Yes, I still use it , to "protect" /my-sht (front-endaccount for users).
You can try to go to /my-sht page without logon and see result.
Please don't deactivate it (now).



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So, the flow would be.

I've created the following layout that holds the Edit User form. You can build this layout as per your requirement.
=> hidden link

Within the following view - I've added the Edit User link as given under:
=> hidden link

[toolset-edit-user-link layout_slug='layout-to-hold-edit-user-form' target='self']Edit %%USER_NICENAME%%[/toolset-edit-user-link]

Now, you will see the edit User link and when you click it, it will display the edit user form with the selected edit user.

There is no way to make form hide/show.