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Hey guys,

So I have a client who'd like to sell services via WooCommerce, as part of the service, they want to periodically add PDF Reports to the customer's account about the progress of the service. What do you think is the best way to go about this with Toolset?

There needs to be a section within the WooCommerce 'Account' page that allows for downloads that can be added to that customer's account by an admin and only viewed by that one customer to download.

Thanks 🙂



Probly the easiest way would be just to create some user fields using types.

Then for the account page, you can create a View, and add it to the Woocommerce account page template... using a child theme of course.



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Thorworx is about right.

You can create Fields (as example a File Field) in the Toolset > User Fields section, and this will show only for the user of that Profile (current Logged In user) if you as example display that on a Page, or in the Account page.

Regarding customizing the accound page, you should be aboe to use Layouts to add your elements there.

You can create a layout, assign it to the "my account" page, and insert in the Layout whatever contnet you need, along with the native WoooCommerce [woocommerce_my_account] ShortCode.

So you could then as example add a Content Template Cell to it, where you display the Current Logged In user's fields.