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[Resolved] Changes are not immediately propagated with Site Tools in Siteground

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

The user was using a view inside the Avada Builder in a site hosted on SiteGround. Changes to the view were not reflected on the frontend until the page was saved in the Avada builder.

It turns out to be caused by the "Dynamic Cache" in SiteGround hosting.

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two days ago Siteground changed my hosting management tools, from cPanel to something called Site Tools. Since then when I edit a form or view changes aren't immediately shown on the (refreshed) page, but they are just when I save the page in Avada before refreshing the page. Before this wasn't necessary, changes to forms or views were immediately shown on the page after refresh. I noticed that this doesn't happen with other plugins, so I suppose it could be a Toolset issue. Should I re-register the plugins ? or what ?


Hi Jamal,
I have added the link to the video at the bottom of the previous private message, thanks



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Hello Nicola, and thank you for the recording, It showcases the issue clearly.

I wanted to check if this happens in general or if it only happens in your hosting, so I created a new installation and Installed Avada and its 2 required plugins. The issue was not reproduced as you can see in this screencast hidden link

If you can't visualize the view, due to how GDrive is optimizing it, please wait some moments and check again. While waiting you may want to check by yourself on our test site. You can log in with the following URL hidden link
- The form: hidden link
- The page: hidden link

I suspect that SiteGround implements some special caching for Avada. Or maybe the Avada integration in Toolset performs some special caching that is not purged when the form is edited. The cache is only purged when the Avada page is saved. To confirm this, please switch temporarily to a default theme such as 2020 or 2019 and check if this issue still occurs.

We agreed, on the chat, that you will check with the SiteGround support too. Please let me know what they will tell you, that may help us understand the issue and find out a fix or a workaround for it. Sounds good?


Hi Jamal
sorry for kept you waiting, but I was dealing with Siteground.
SG offers two caching features called NGNIX and Dynamic Cache. Dynamic Cache seems the "guilty", possibly conflicting with Toolset cache. I went to SG Optimizer plugin, disabled it and now page updates are ok.
Please let me know if your developers release a fix for this, after all you should have many customers on SG.
Thanks for now.

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