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[Resolved] Bootstrap loading & Views Integration

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Last updated by Alok Sharma 1 year, 8 months ago.

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I am using the latest version of GeneratePress Premium, Beaver Builder & Beaver Themer and I need help with the following as the documentation does not clearly state which option to use:

1. In Toolset > Settings > General, there is Bootstrap loading option. By default, "This site is not using Bootstrap CSS" is selected. I am unable to decide which option to select.

2. In Toolset > Settings > Views Integration, it says "We have detected the following frameworks on your site":

- Do not register any framework automatically
- Customizer - Site Options - Check the details for Customizer - Site Options
- Customizer - Theme Mods - Check the details for Customizer - Theme Mods

By default, "Do not register any framework automatically" is selected and based on the documentation, I am unable to decide which option to select.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Also, if more in-depth explanation was provided in the documentation, then there wouldn't be any confusions.





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The View Integration settings is an old seldom-used feature and is unlikely to be something you would need to concern yourself with, but if you want to learn more the documentation for that is here:

As for the Bootstrap setting, Layouts, legacy Views, and Forms all output markup based on Boostrap ( to apply basic styling. The settings allow you to specify whether Toolset should load the Bootstrap files or not (your theme or another plugin could already be loading them, for example).

In particular, grids were based on Bootstrap, affecting Layouts and Forms still, and also affecting legacy Views where you specified grid output.

That's no longer necessary when using Blocks to create templates and Views, which uses newer CSS (e.g. grid and flexbox). If you are using Blocks there's a good chance you don't need to load Bootstrap.


I fully understood that with the introduction of blocks based design, these two settings are no longer needed.

Maybe the same should be considered to be updated in the documents because it creates lot of confusions.