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[Resolved] Book Reading Project

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Last updated by Jamal 1 month, 3 weeks ago.

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Concept of the project is reading books/novels online

Current Setup:
Book CPT: Books (Assuming as Cover Page) to display in archive page
Chapters CPT: Creating post & treated as chapters & every chapters connected with specific Books

Need suggestions whether I am in right direction or we can do even more better with toolset conceptual



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Hello and thank you for contacting Toolset support.

Well, I can't really tell any suggestions. Can you elaborate more on what features you will be offering? Provide as many details as possible.


Concept: It is online book reading feature.

I have created 2 custom post type i.e books & chapters
books will serve as cover page(index page to navigate chapters) & chapters will be linked to specific books

Since my project is in my regional language Tamil so you wont get a clear idea, so I am sending the reference site which is similar to my project

hidden link



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In that case, I would say yes. Books and Chapters will be linked in a one-to-many relationship. Chapters will need a number field to be used as the chapter's number(ordering).

On the book's content template, create a view to display chapters. This view needs to activate pagination and will query the chapters that are connected to this book. Each page will display only one chapter, so you can get the next chapter/page navigation buttons.


Thank you for the reply

I have done the same & it is already on my live website

Hope I am in right direction

but I fear finding the chapters in back-end if many books get updated



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Well, finding the chapter may be a tedious task if too many books/chapters are created. But, because the chapters are linked(One-to-many relationship) to the book, you can access them from the book's page. You can also choose to name the chapters with the book's title too.

Anyway, if you encounter such issues, let me know and allow me temporary access to your website to check it closely, and I am sure we'll find out a solution.

As of now, if you believe that your initial question was answered, I kindly ask you to mark this ticket as resolved.