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Block Align-wide on nested containers Gone with update 1.6.2

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Hi there, prior to Blocks 1.6.2 I could have a container, go to advanced, set block alignment to FULL, then inside that create another container block set to Wide. after updating to vs 1.6.2 there is NO way to set wide on the nested container, the only options are none, center, left,right. So I have no way to create the attached layout in my theme like a used to.

THIS is a Major issue for my sites that have been developed this way as updating doesn't break the layout until you switch the alignment, however my clients will have no way to replicate the way we have set this up!!! please advise on this one asap thank-you.


I should add, I do understand that I can replicate the above layout by setting the "Inner Content" max width to the same as my align-wide class was, however there are a couple HUGE concerns with this as a theme developer. One is that what if we layout a whole site and the client decided they want to change the wide wrapper from say 1100px to 1400px I would have to go and touch EVERY container block, Not good! Also there can be a lot more that happens with an align-wide class inside a fullwidth container, besides simply the width. At the very least PLEASE add a variable option to the inner container width before taking this feature away! I think I know why you did this, for theme compatibility but as a theme developer this change is going to force me to use another option 🙁



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

I've created the following test site: hidden link

I've added the following test page: hidden link

I've first used the Blocks version 1.6.1 and added the nested containers and I can see the wide option is available :
- hidden link

Then I've updated the blocks version to 1.6.2 and I checked the existing nested containers that I've added previously and I can see the wide option is still available for the existing containers: (the top nested containers are created using Blocks 1.6.1)
=> hidden link

Then, I've added another set of nested containers and to be sure that the option is available with block version 1.6.2, I can see the wide option is available: (the bottom nested containers are created using Blocks 1.6.2)

I can see the following text with the notice icon:

This setting only adds alignment class to the block.

The theme should handle these classes properly. If the alignment doesn't work on the front-end, the problem is in the theme.

NOTE: On the front-end, the alignment class adjusts by detecting the visitor's device type and not by the screen size.

You can check with the test site and you are welcome to play with it.


I figured out the issue! it only effects sites using a theme.json to declare the wrapper sizing. after updating blocks to the latest version it now supports the theme.json Version 2 so with "version":1, set the nested wrapper loosing the alignment setting. That would have been helpful thing to add to the changelogs , is there a place developers can get a more detailed changelog than these pages

-- Fixed some visual glitches in Toolset block options and ensured compatibility with block editor changes in WordPress 5.9.

This probably should have read like this or something......

Fixed some visual glitches in Toolset block options and ensured compatibility with block editor changes in WordPress 5.9 by enabling support for theme.json version.2 , themes only supporting version 1 of theme.json should be updated to support the latest version to ensure compatibility with toolset features..


Actually this is not the full issue, I'm still seeing the issue with v2 json on some sites, I'll keep digging


Ok, so here is the issue, and YES it will require an update from Toolset to support the new way WP handles the alignment classes! Please review the ticket below, basically you need to update the container block like the WP group block functions. If you create a theme with a theme.json file and set your alignment support in there using the below registration, there is then ZERO way to make a container inside a container have an align-wide selection. You need to add support like WP core does for their group block where you have a button that says "inherit default layout" albeit that is terrible wording, it means for the group block that you can set wide alignment on that block again!

"layout": {
"contentSize": "920px",
"wideSize": "1180px"

hidden link

you can see Kadence blocks has the same issue since 5.9


Blocks also does not recognize the theme.json settings for layout: you can see this if you use twenty-twenty-two theme that you will not have any alignment classes on toolset blocks, however the layout setting is supposed to add this. NOT add_theme_support( 'align-wide' ); anymore!

"layout": {
"contentSize": "650px",
"wideSize": "1000px"



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That you for your input. I've escalated the issue in front of our Devs and already filed a internal ticket. I'll get in touch with you when I have any update on it.


Hi there, It's been a month I was wondering if there is any movement on this critical feature?



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I see the internal ticket and there is no movement yet, maybe this will be considered in next Dev cycle but please note that there is no ETA on it.


I hate to do this, but I have no other way to contact the team right now. When I try to log a new ticket, I just get redirected to my account home page? Please let me know why I can't currently create new tickets?



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That is strange. Could you please give a try now, you should be able to create a new ticket.