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[Resolved] Alignment of blocks in grid

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Last updated by katinaA 1 year, 10 months ago.


We have set up a grid layout in a template in our previous support threads. Now I'm noticing another issue with how the blocks are getting placed in this grid and need advice.

Can you look at the page here:

hidden link

The first row of the grid has an image placed through a single field block on the left and the Contact Us Fields and Text block on the right. Then the second row of the grid has the page body placed through another single field block and then a Map Fields and Text block on the right. The issue we're having here is we do not want the Contact Us block to be the same height as the image to the left of it, causing a large gap to appear below the Contact Us block and the Map block. We want the Map block to be directly under the Contact Us block with a small margin dividing the two. How to I get the Contact Us block to not match the height of the image to the left of it?

We're trying to get it to look like how it is on this page:

hidden link


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

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