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[Resolved] _wpcf_belongs_ not being returned by Cred form

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Last updated by Minesh 4 years, 7 months ago.

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I have a pretty complex situation in place which was working perfectly fine until now. The change was updating my toolset plugins to the latest versions which has broken the functionality. I don't know exactly which versions I was on previously but they were last updated around 3 months ago.

Let me try to summarise the setup:

- I have a fulfillment post type that has a custom content template
- On a single fullfillment post I add a child cred form using [cred_child_link_form form="2090" parent_id="-1" target="_self"]. 2090 is a page ID that contains my cred form embedded as such: [cred_form form='12988' form_name='Assign Restaurant 2.0']
- In that CRED form, I use [cred_field field="_wpcf_belongs_fulfillment_id" value=""] to get the ID of the single fulfillment page that the form is being displayed on.
- I then have a custom function that runs when the form is submitted that manipulates the data and does what I need it to.

I have some logging taking place which has allowed me to realise that since updating, my "_wpcf_belongs_fulfillment_id" variable is missing from the CRED form post data

Are you able to provide any insight as to what might have changed that has caused this variable to stop coming through?



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Well - I just check with my test install and I can see the select dropdown is successfully loaded with the parent option.

I would like to know the issue is select dropdown for parent is not rendered or the issue is the parent is not attached to the newly created child? If issue is parent ID is not attached to newly created child I would like to check what code you have added to attach parent ID to newly created child post?