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[Resolved] :)

This support ticket is created 3 years, 3 months ago. There's a good chance that you are reading advice that it now obsolete.

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Last updated by smileBeda 3 years, 2 months ago.

Assisted by: Jamal.



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Hello Beda 🙂 I hope you are doing fine and that the request has been processed since then 🙂

I really liked the Mr. Bean gif. But, I wonder where did you take this screenshot?


Hi Jamal, happy you like the humour 😛

I took it in a WPA (WordPress Archive) built with Toolset, but it should also be visible in Pages that have Views, for that is. Appears lower left bottom page.

It happens usually when you have a View (a loop) built with blocks and open the page or WPA to edit - usually it even appears before you make any edits, sometimes it appears only once you save.

Then usually it takes (well, how long did mister bean wait?) a while... and then it says "{item_name} was saved" or something similar.
Often enough thou, the actual "Update" button (the blue one top right native WP button) still shows saving in progress (there's like a fancy Color-shifting-shading in that button when it saves something). And, even more often than one wishes, after that all this happens, the blue button stays inactive (cannot be clicked), which then makes it impossible to further edit the item without reloading the page, and the story starts afresh.

I've talked to some guys in FB they see the same, and others emailed me mentioning that increasing the server mem to 500MB made it less "MR Bean-ish", but I think 500MB mem limit is a bit too much for a WP site.

I'll have Mr Bean do a video of the issue once I am in the situation again so you can relate 😉



Languages: English (English ) French (Français )

Timezone: Africa/Casablanca (GMT+01:00)

I have seen a similar issue on another user site, but we could not find out the cause of the issue. The issue appears when in minimal setup too. And I suspect that it has something to do with the server.
Sometimes, changing the screen size(mobile, tablet) activates the update button, but it is not systematic.

If your website is online, I suggest migrating it to our online platform and let us check it further. If you agree, please follow the steps in my previous private reply(March 22, 2021 at 9:26 am). If the issue is reproduced on our servers, we'll escalate it to the 2nd Tier or the dev team for further analysis.


Thanks Jamal, over the weekend I re-designed my entire website from using Blocks back to classic editors.

Not only did the waiting issues disappear but I finally was able to remove all the junk scripts added for Gutenberg (mainly by WP Itself), back to a lean and fast WP.

As for the issue itself, I still see it on practically all sites I admin, of course, all those sites have a tad more than 10 posts.
But they are all on excellent servers and host systems, so I don't really think it is the host or server, also because I am able to replicate this easily on a local MAMP by importing those sites.

The cause of the issue is simple, I think, at least according what I observe.

The background processes of the new editor which constantly updates the content (at least at WP Heartbeat rate, and at each edit), specially in Views but not only, when you are editing, tries to constantly update the preview.
With one or two posts that works well. With 10 or 20 already it can already hiccup a bit, but imagine more, with complex Views and loop designs.
What happens - as said observed on practically all sites I "have" - is that first the black messages I show in the first post appears.
Then, the blue WP button starts partying and says it is updating, then it "greys out", or becomes inactive in this sense.

If yo are lucky after a while it comes back active. If not, you just lost all edits and need to reload the page, praying that it saved it anyway, but more often than not, it will then result in those famous "corrupted block" or such messages.

Anyway, as mentioned I bit into the sour apple and have redesigned the website using HTML, CSS and a bit of JS.
It works (duh, pun intended) and I don't have a copy of it anymore in the previous state.

I do have another site which does not belong to clients (which are all too heavily customised to even talk about support), but that site has 80k posts and I assume I know the answer to that 😉

So I am closing it here, it was fund sharing the Gif though.

I hope one day you can catch this sketchy memory issue or whatever the like it is :heart:

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