There are currently a few known issues when using Divi theme with Toolset. They all happen when using AJAX within Toolset elements like Views or Content Templates.

Toolset forms and third-party plugin shortcodes

Toolset forms and third-party plugin shortcodes will not work properly when any type of an AJAX call is used inside Content Templates, Views, and WordPress Archives. This includes AJAX pagination and custom search.

View’s AJAX paginated loop

Posts designed with Divi Builder will not appear in a View’s AJAX paginated loop. Currently, there are two workarounds for this issue:

  • You can stop using a Content Template to group fields of the View Loop. Instead, add the content directly inside the View Loop Editor.
  • You can add suppress_filters=”true” to the Loop Item shortcode in the View’s Loop Editor like this:

Designing both the page and the View with Divi

When you add sections to content designed with the Divi page builder, numbered class names (et_pb_) are added to the HTML markup. These classes are numbered and increase with each added section, for example:




If you use the Divi Builder to design both the View and the page where this View is inserted into, the sequence of these class names will be corrupted because the first class created by the builder (item _0) will be used twice. Once for the section where you insert the View (page designed with builder) and then again for the first section of the first item in the loop of the View.

This can potentially break the style applied to each numerically incrementing class.