Toolset allows you to export and import its elements easily.

When it comes to transferring data from one site to another the right tool for the job depends on what you want to transfer.

We distinguish between transferring:

When you are exporting and importing, you should always first deal with the structures and then with the content.


Toolset includes separate export and import tools for individual plugins, namely Types, Views, Forms, Access, and Layouts. These tools can be found on the Toolset -> Export / Import page.

Use them to bulk-export all of your settings and structures for individual Toolset elements to reuse on another site.

Read details about how to export and import Toolset elements and settings.

It is also possible to export and import your existing relationships or post connections to another site.

Module Manager

You can also use Module Manager to transfer collections of Toolset elements to re-use on different sites.

This is a great utility if you find yourself adding the same content to many of your client sites. For example, you could have a contact page with standard fields for the address, phone and online contact details, and Google map of the location, in a common responsive layout.

You gather these individual elements into a single module which you then export and re-use on your other sites.

Module Manager also includes a library of pre-built modules you may want to use in your own projects.


WordPress includes built-in tools to export content from one site and import it to another. If you create custom post types with custom fields and taxonomies using Toolset, these will be exported along with the standard WordPress posts and pages.

These are available on the Tools -> Export and Tools -> Import pages.

Importing content from a non-WordPress source

Sometimes you may need to bulk import data from somewhere other than another WordPress site, for example data exported from another database.

There are a number of plugins you can use to import data in the CSV format, and although these are 3rd-party products our documentation describes the steps involved to import CSV files using such plugins.

Site Migration

If you want to move everything, your site structures and content, then there are many third-party plugins available to do this.

The most common scenario would be to move a site from a development server to production.

Internally, we mostly use Duplicator or All-in-One WP Migration, but it is also possible to perform site migrations manually.