Toolset allows you to load posts from the database and display them, as fancy lists, on the front-end. A list can appear in any way you choose. It can be a responsive grid, a simple HTML list, a table, or any other style you wish.

In Toolset, we call such a list of posts a View.

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How-to steps

To start, edit or create a page, post or a template and insert the View block.

You need to be familiar with the WordPress Block Editor. If you’re not, take a few minutes to learn how to use the Block Editor. Also, be sure to check our quick guide on creating responsive designs.

You can add different elements and blocks to your View. To display information coming from standard and custom fields, use Toolset Blocks.

Changing the View settings

You can edit the settings for the whole View or just the View Loop.

First, click to select your View in the editor. Then, click the Block Navigation button to get a tree list of your View and the blocks it contains. Finally, click the item you want to edit settings for.

Use the “Block Navigation” button to edit setting for the View or the Loop Item
Use the “Block Navigation” button to edit setting for the View or the Loop Item

Changing the main View settings

Clicking the View allows you to modify the View’s general settings like content selection, ordering, and more.

Editing main View settings
Editing main View settings

Changing the Loop Item settings

Clicking the View Loop allows you to change different settings for it. For example, if you selected to output your list of content in two columns, you can easily change the number of columns or the whole listing style.

Editing settings for the View Loop
Editing settings for the View Loop

After selecting the View Loop, you can also style its display options. To do this, expand the Style Settings section in the sidebar.

What’s next?

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