Toolset Release Ahead of Breaking Changes in WordPress 5.6


December 7, 2020

WordPress 5.6 is a major release that is not fully backward compatible and could potentially break your sites. This release of Toolset plugins makes sure that after the update to WordPress 5.6, all Toolset components work smoothly.

Our recommendation before updating your site to WordPress 5.6:

  1. Create a backup of your site’s files and the database
  2. Check your site’s plugins and theme for WordPress 5.6 compatibility
  3. If possible, test updating to WordPress 5.6 on a test copy of your site
  4. Update all plugins and the theme before updating WordPress itself

WordPress 5.6 includes an update to jQuery 3.5.1 version and multiple behind-the-scenes changes to the Block Editor. We handled all these changes across all Toolset plugins to ensure complete WordPress 5.6 compatibility.

Besides this, we also fixed a few bugs:

  • Fixed a problem where conditionals inside forms would get their content removed
  • Fixed a permissions problem in Types related to quick edit actions in related posts
  • Fixed a compatibility issue between image field previews and the new Twenty Twentyone theme


Any thoughts on this release? Leave us your comments below and we’ll reply!


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    • Thanks, Diyan! Yes, timing is very important for releases like this one. We need to wait just before WordPress goes out because last time, they included some big changes between the very last candidate and the released version. 🙂

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Can we expect the next big update before Christmas 🎄


    • Hi Pramod! We are working really hard on the next big update and the development part is almost done, but we still have extensive testing and QA to do. That being said, we probably (it’s not written in stone) won’t make it before Christmas but hope it will be ready right after the holidays.

      • Any heads up or hints about what’s included in your post-holidays major update?
        I’m just about to start a pretty big ToolSet project so would be nice to have some forewarning.

        • Hi, Paul! I cannot divulge too much for now but in general, the next release will allow you to use Toolset’s Dynamic Sources (custom fields, taxonomies, post fields) inside all core blocks and inside most popular 3rd-party blocks. This will give you an even broader set of tools to build and design your site. 🙂

  2. Well, I confess that I unthinkingly updated to WP 5.6 on one of my sites today without reading up, and Toolset didn’t like it. My plugins were all current on this site. It wasn’t a big deal — nothing lost, and the site isn’t heavy-usage in any case. I just reinstalled 5.5.3, and all’s well for the moment. I am a bit wiser for it, hopefully. But I also realize now that I might be facing a situation where I’ll be forced to do some work that I hadn’t planned on for the near term.

    I’m using Toolset on two sites now, both of them still using Views rather than Blocks. On the one that gave me trouble when I updated to WP 5.6 today, I did a quick test, deactivating Views and activating Blocks while 5.6 was installed. The abnormal site behavior stopped with Blocks activated. Unfortunately, my sites aren’t actually ready to switch over to running with Blocks instead of Views. So it looks like I’m going to have to put off upating my WP installs for now.

    • Hi, Paul! This release updated all Toolset plugins, including Views. So, when it comes to Toolset components in your site, they shouldn’t be making any issues with WP 5.6.

      I don’t know your sites and what themes and plugins they’re running, but those could also be making trouble. This is why I kindly ask you to open a ticket in our support forum and allow our supporters to take a look with you together at this issue. We want to help.

      Last but not least, Toolset Blocks and Views plugins basically share the same codebase, so you can have Toolset Blocks active (instead of Views) and still use legacy Views and workflows without a problem. All you have to do is go to ToolsetSettings page, scroll to the Editing experience section and select to use legacy interface.

      • Thanks Dario! That is helpful clarification

        I know I’ll be able to make the transition. But I do have at least one page built with Views that currently doesn’t work if I switch over to Blocks, so there is going to be a little work to do. I will be turning to the support forum when I tackle this, undoubtedly. I’ve gotten a lot of good help there with previous questions.

        You’re right, of course, that it’s not safe to conclude from my little test yesterday that Views itself is the source of conflict with 5.6. I am interested in understanding the issue better — and motivated, because Toolset does a lot for me. I really do love it.

  3. We updated the plugins before WP5.6, but after the update our listings page with a map on it is not displaying *most* of the time. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know if this is a Toolset problem or not, but I hadn’t see this behavior before. Unfortunately it is on a test site behind a login, so I can’t give you a URL to look at right now.

    • Also, clicking on a map marker does nothing, did it used to? We are still setting this site up, so I am not sure. I tried to find another site using Toolset and it doesn’t seem to work their either, so maybe this just doesn’t work.

      • Hi, Steve! This is the first time I’m hearing this reported but of course, there could be a bug (in our or some other plugin). If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest submitting a ticket in our support forum:

        Clicking on a map marker will display a pop-up with some content, but only if you provided that content. Toolset Map block has a separate section for map markers, in the block’s right sidebar options. There, you can find the Pop-up content option with an Edit link that opens up an editor in the pop-up.

        • The pop-up issue is sorted, thanks.

          As for the map not displaying, though… Previously the map was in the view block. After the update, it error’d on the page saying we had to move it outside the view block and use the properties to reference that it pulled from the view block, which we did.

          We do have filter options on the view list. When the page initially loads, most of the time the map does not display at all, but changing one of the filter options makes it display. Even going back to “ALL” for all filter options makes map display with everything, so it seems some quirk with using filters set to no/default values?

          • Hi, Steve!

            Yes, in one of our demo sites, we ran into the exact same issue that you describe about map not appearing until you change some filter option. This happened because the Map block should never be inside the View block (and we had it inside). It needs to be outside and then you select the map to load markers from that View (which is on the same page).

            Because of this, our developers added stronger checks to make sure and warn you if a Map block is positioned inside a View. This is why you got a warning after updating, because this check started working properly.

            So, I don’t know why you would still have this weird behavior. I would try removing the Map block, saving the page and then re-inserting it, double-checking to make sure it’s not inside a View. If this doesn’t help, I would try re-inserting both the View and the Map block. And if this doesn’t help, please create a ticket in our support forum so that our supporters can take a look and if necessary, escalate to our development team. Thanks!

            • I have submitted a ticket, but yes, we did move the map outside of the view block right after the upgrade and that is when we noticed the problem.

              It takes a lot of time to re-create everything, it is sad that the answer is to do that and that you cannot determine what the underlying problem is.

              I can promise you, it is NOT inside the View, and in fact your plugin complains if it is. There is no complaint message, as it is not in there.

              Per the support ticket, I further realized this happens with our Astra theme, and with twenty-twenty-one but does not seem to happen with the twenty-twenty theme, so something strange is going on. Astra is supposed to have Toolset support specifically, so I am puzzled.

          • Hi, Steve! Sorry if I wasn’t clear but I didn’t say or mean that this is “the” solution for this issue. I merely wanted to share what I would personally do if this happened on my site: I would do a quick test to see if this happens on a new page/view/map. I would do this just to rule things out.

            As you are still experiencing this issue and opened a ticket, rest assured that we will look into it. Actually, I just checked with my team and your ticket was already assigned to a supporter.