Toolset 1.3.5 Release Improves Performance and Stability


December 17, 2020

We just published another joint release for Toolset plugins. This round improves performance of relationship queries and fixes multiple glitches for smoother operation.

Improvements in this release

This release includes updates for the Toolset Types, Blocks, Views, Access, Forms, and Maps plugins.

Better performance

We improved performance in Types and Views relationship queries. This is mostly noticeable on multilingual sites powered by WPML.

Blocks and Views

We fixed two important issues when working with Views:

  • Fixed an issue where a View would include the current post when they should not.
  • Fixed an issue with corrupted data when translating a page containing a View with a post relationship front-end filter.

We also fixed a set of issues related to Toolset blocks:

  • Fixed an issue with aligning the Container block.
  • Fixed an issue with some broken styling controls.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented resizing Grid block columns.
  • Fixed alignment for labels in custom search filters.
  • Prevent random refreshing when editing a View block that has random sorting.

Other fixes

Finally, this release also includes a number of other improvements:

  • Access
    • We fixed an issue where the Toolset → Access Control page was not fully working.
    • We improved the management of non-public post types.
  • Forms
    • We fixed an issue with editing forms that had a relationship selector. The problem was that the selector didn’t allow to set a proper related post.
  • Maps
    • We fixed an issue where some maps failed to initialize when page was loaded.

Download and Update

We send out the update notifications in batches, so not everyone will see the update notice at once.

To get this update now, in the WordPress admin go to Plugins → Add New and click the Commercial tab. There, click the Check for updates button in the Toolset section.


Any thoughts on this release? Leave us a comment below and we’ll reply!


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  1. Hi,

    We are waiting for next big release which you mentioned will release in Dec last week. Hope there is no change in the plan ?


    • Hi, Pramod, thanks for the question! Actually, I said that we’re hoping to release it in December. 🙂 Yesterday, we had a weekly update meeting and concluded that we will not be able to release the big new version this month. It is now in the hands of our QA/testing team and the new features must be completely tested and stable before going out. Getting a rushed release out with possible bugs wouldn’t help anyone. 🙂 Thank you for your patience, the plan is still to release this as soon as the QA is done, which is hopefully early January.

      • Hi Dario. Just wondering if there’s an updated ETA for this release. I’m about to start a new project and would love to see if these new features could be of use. Thanks!

        • Hi, Peter! Yes, as it often happens, our testing and QA needs to take its time. Our current target for the new release is to go live in about 2 weeks from now.

  2. Hi, if I remember right it once was possible to put fields in 2 columns in the standard Form Editor (without switching to Expert mode and coding in columns). Now I have a fresh Toolset install and don’t get the form fields in 2 columns… Have you removed this functionality? :-S

    • Hi! No, nothing changed but you probably only need to make sure that Bootstrap is being loaded on your site. Go to the Toolset → Settings page and check the Bootstrap option. If you turn on the “Toolset should load Bootstrap 4” option, you should be able to drag-and-drop form elements side-by-side again.