Documentation is Open for Your Feedback


November 3, 2020

You can now leave direct feedback for any lesson in Toolset documentation.

Toolset documentation features many lessons. Sometimes, you might run into issues with them. Maybe some steps are not clear, instructions look outdated, or you found a typo or two.

If you encounter an issue with any of our lessons, we will always appreciate your feedback.

How to leave your feedback

Simply scroll to the bottom of the lesson and below the author’s name, click the link to send us your feedback.

Every lesson features a link to send your feedback to our documentation team

You’ll be taken to a simple form to leave your feedback. An email address is required so that we can contact you if needed.

All submissions go directly to the documentation team and are given high priority.

Please note that feedback submission is available only for lessons, which make up most of our documentation anyway.

Comments, suggestions?

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this topic, we’d love to hear them.

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll reply to you.