Add other people to your Toolset Interactive and Agency account


October 1, 2020

Does your Web agency have multiple roles that use Toolset to download and register sites, open support tickets, and manage the subscription payments? You can now create user profiles for each of them on

Toolset Interactive, Agency and Lifetime account owners can now create sub-accounts from their Toolset account. This allows different people on your team to log into Toolset using their own accounts. All other types of Toolset accounts do not have this feature available (i.e. Author, Presentation).

This way, important emails are sent to the right people, and users have access to the parts of the account that are relevant to their role.

For instance, one of your developers can ask a support question, and our reply will go directly to that person.

Update: Lifetime account owners can now also add sub-accounts

At first, this feature was meant to allow easier management of payments. As this doesn’t apply to Lifetime accounts we didn’t originally include them.

However, we ended up adding other useful capabilities but didn’t adjust to include Lifetime accounts. So, this was really a misstep in our development process and not something we planned on purpose.

After hearing your feedback, we added these features to Lifetime accounts as well.

How to add a new user to your Toolset account

  1. Log into your Toolset account and click My Team.
  1. Add a new user by filling in their email and role. The role you choose for them determines their access within Toolset and which emails they receive. You can choose between these two roles:
  • Developer – Person that is building sites using Toolset
  • Finance manager – Person that manages the subscription and payment method
Adding a new user
  1. Once you create the new profile, the new user can confirm their account by clicking the link in the email they receive.
  2. The user can then complete their profile and create a password.
Completing a user profile
  1. Your new user will appear in the list under My Team.
A new user

Note: only account owners can change a user’s role. The user themselves can update their contact information, but not their role.

Leave us your feedback!

Do you plan on using multiple accounts?

Let us know what you think in the comments, and we’ll reply.


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    • Hi! I am really sorry, but there was an error in this article, related to the account names that have this feature available. Only the Toolset Interactive and Toolset Agency account types have this. The Lifetime account which you own does not have this feature.

      I honestly apologize for this mistake. We fixed this post to reflect the correct information.

        • We started this feature to make it easier for clients to add people who manage payments (obviously, we felt this was important). This made no sense for clients with Lifetime accounts. Then, the feature grew and we added other capabilities. But our original development specs didn’t adjust to include Lifetime clients. So, it’s more of a glitch on our side than a well planned thing. Let me see how difficult is it for us to change this setting.

          Are you asking because you want to add more users to your account, or just out of curiosity about our thinking?

          • Hi Amir,
            I wanted to add a colleague. Currently I’m constantly downloading and activating the plugins on the projects wer work together on.

            I also think AnthonyT-3 in the posts below was curious/ wanted to try the feature.

            It’s not a deal breaker, but a nice to have feature πŸ˜‰

            Best regards,

            • Hi, again! Just to let you know that we enabled the new multi-user feature for Lifetime accounts as well. Thank you for the comments!

      • Hi, Anthony! That’s because only the Toolset Interactive and Toolset Agency account owners have access to this feature.

      • Hi, Anthony! We just updated the site and you should now see the new “My Team” (multi-user account) feature in your Toolset account.

  1. The title was Add other people to your Toolset Agency or Lifetime accounts” before you just changed it now. I would have thought you would support your Pro Author lifetime accounts with all features in the Agency account.

    • Hi, Anthony! Yes, that’s correct, as I mentioned in the comment above yours, there was an error in the original content of this post. It said Lifetime instead of Interactive. I am really sorry for the mistake, however, only Interactive and Agency accounts get this feature. No type of Lifetime accounts get this.

  2. Oke, so why are lifetime owners not getting this option!? We bought the agency license many years ago when it was a lifetime option. What should include all future updates.

    Doesn’t make sense that we lifetime users don’t get that option. We have been loyal customers for many years. How many more updates are coming we are not getting? Trying to force us eventually to buy a yearly license? Really bad… Very disappointed about this..

    • Hi, Guido! Could you please read Amir’s reply to “herreV” a few comments above yours. As he explains, this wasn’t some scheme to force you into anything, just a result of a system project specification that grew and changed during development. Is this account feature a big thing for you, do you see yourself using multiple users on your Lifetime account? Thanks!

      • Hi Dario,

        Thanks for your message and i should not have assumed the worst straight away. Just had some bad experience with LTD’s that didn’t honor their promises. Sorry about that.

        For the payment option it makes sense because of the LTD. But i definitely see myself using this. We use Toolset on every project now and are growing our web design business. This would be great to add team members, so they can manage things without me doing it or using my login. Like herreV mentioned.

        Would be really nice to have.


  3. Nice addition. I would like to see this feature on the Hosting I use with my clients!

    Good to see you Dario on the Page Builder summit last week!

    • Hi, Stephen! Thanks a lot for the comment and for catching me/us there! It was a nice event and I really enjoyed presenting Toolset! Kinda reminded me of the WordCamps and meetups that I am really starting to miss. πŸ™‚

  4. My concern is that this is an early signal that Toolset is compromising its Brand Integrity. Can I ask Toolset to spell out clearly what the new definition and roadmap is now applied to ‘Lifetime’ membership.

    • Hi, Chris! Please check out Amir’s reply to the first comment. I understand your feelings and that you’re upset but really, there is nothing to worry about. There is no “secret agenda” or any special “roadmap” for Lifetime membership. I have been long enough now with the company to be able to honestly say that we always keep our word to you, to our clients. You bought Lifetime and we are not changing that. In the meantime, you get our (excellent) support, you get plugin updates (we developed Toolset Blocks, which is a completely new, fantastic product that works in a completely new environment), you get hours of new written and video materials (whose production value is on par or better than many premium videos out there), and most of all – you get our gratitude for being with us for so long. We do appreciate that very, very much. So, completely honestly, we are not planning to “shortchange” you or to take away anything from what we promised. And finally, we cannot share a “specific roadmap for Lifetime membership” because it is the same as for other account types and what we already promised.

    • Hi again, Chris! I just wanted to let you know that we enabled the multi-user account feature for Lifetime accounts as well.

      • Thanks for the update Dario. I do believe this is a wise decision. Brand integrity is a precious part of a business that Toolset has maintained right from its beginnings. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Toolset Team for listening to your lifetime users as well. Really appreciate you’ve added this functionality also to our accounts now

    • Hi, John! I am checking this with our Systems Team. We’ll get back to you as soon as we know more.

    • Hi, again John! You have one of the older versions of the Agency accounts which wasn’t included in the original rollout of this feature. Our Systems team is working on adding it. I will update you as soon as this becomes available in your account. Thank you for getting in touch!