What’s New in Types 3.4


July 28, 2020

Types 3.4 includes a redesign for the database tables, which allows greater performance and much better support for multilingual sites.

If you’re building multilingual listing sites with Toolset and WPML, Types 3.4 will allow you to create entries in any language. Until now, you could only create entries in the site’s default language and translate them to other languages. Now, you can create entries in any language and translate to any other language that you choose (or not translate).

This allows to build truly multilingual directory and listing sites with Toolset.

Types will automatically migrate your database tables. If your site has a very small database, this process will happen automatically and without any prompt. If your site has more than 100 post connections, Types will let you know that it needs to run a database update.


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  1. Not sure why the announcement makes no mention that it’s currently still in beta. When can we expect the final release?

    • Hi, Taiko! Sorry for that and thank you for pointing it out! We were planning to release Types by now but we are doing some final polishing before releasing this version. It should go out at the very beginning of September. I also added a notice to clarify this at the top of this article. Kind regards!