Types 3.3 brings improved repeating images and REST API integration


May 8, 2019

You can now reorder repeating images as drag-and-drop galleries and select multiple images at once. Also, Types now allows you to expose custom fields in the REST API. Finally, this release brings some important bug fixes and we are preparing to raise the PHP requirement to 5.6.

Improved repeating image fields

Repeating image fields now work and feel like a gallery. You can drag-and-drop to re-order them and add many images in one go.

Rearranging images - click to play


You can then easily use repeating image fields to display great-looking galleries on the front-end.

REST API integration

For WordPress developers, REST API is all the rage and rightly so because it allows them to use WordPress for much more than “just websites”.

With this version, you can use Types filters to expose your custom fields to WordPress REST API.

You can activate this feature on the Toolset -> Settings page, under the Custom Content tab.

Read the detailed documentation page to start using Toolset Types with the REST API.

Improvements to the Related Content metabox

We also fixed multiple important issues in the metabox for connecting related posts in Types:

  • Stop disconnecting related posts when they’re trashed from the Related Content metabox, but trash all their translations.
  • Hide trashed posts from the metabox.
  • Improve wording and behaviour of affected confirmation dialogs.

Next Types release will require PHP 5.6

Types 3.3 is the last version before we raise the PHP requirement to 5.6.20. Of course, we highly recommend using PHP 7.0 and above.

WordPress 5.2 just raised its requirements and we are happy to do it as well.

This means Toolset sites will now be more secure, faster, and able to provide more advanced features.


As with any version, this one brings a lot of bugfixes.

  • Various performance improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with preserving the default user’s settings for displayed metaboxes when saving a post type.
  • Fixed an issue with custom field validation not working properly on the Add New post page, when the block editor is used.
  • Fixed over-escaping description, title, placeholder and default value of custom fields.
  • Fixed an issue where only the first Repeatable Field Group is imported when importing a Module that contains a Custom Field Group featuring multiple Repeatable Field Groups.
  • And many more.

Check out the full changelog for a complete list.

Download and Update

If you registered Toolset on your site, you can get this update automatically from the admin. To download plugins manually, go to your Toolset account’s Downloads page.

Don’t forget to backup your site before updating.


Let us know how you like this release. Any comments or ideas? Please leave your comments here and we’ll get back to you.


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  1. Hi

    Aleluia brothers! 🙂
    Finally the multiple image upload! This is a great addition to Toolset!

    I believe you have a Typo in your article… “Next Types release will require PHP 5.6”, don’t you mean PHP 7?

    Thank you so much!

    • Of course, Toolset plugins work with PHP 7, but we cannot make this our minimal requirement. We only bumped the minimal PHP version from 5.3 to 5.6.

  2. It is very annoying that the updating of Types so often goes wrong and causes the site to go down, with the result that you have to go in and manually delete the Types and reinstall, or is it just me that happens to this in my 15+ sites.

    but besides that, I welcome this update, will make it easier for me on several sites.

    • I had this issue several years ago when I was using shared hosting. After I moved to another shared host, the issue was gone. For the last 2 years or so, I have been using an inexpensive VPS and I don’t think it has ever happened. Perhaps, it is some maximum upload size or timeout issue on your server or something like that. I know what you’re talking about, but I haven’t had that issue for a long time.

    • Hi Torbjörn, I’ve contacted you privately to troubleshoot the issues you’re mentioning.

  3. Great Update but, can you add the images upload using the drag & drop instead of “Add New” button?

    • Hi Francesco, we’re definitely going to consider this. Personally, it makes perfect sense to me, as the next step of improving image fields. But we have a lot of big plans already and I can’t promise we’ll manage to implement this in the next major version of Types.

      • Actually, did you know that it is possible to upload images via drag&drop from the Media Upload dialog that opens when you click on the “Select image(s)” button? Does this address your concern?

        • Good to know, but this only works in the back end. It would be great if it worked on the front end.

          • Ed, just wait for Forms 2.4 which should be out soon. It will bring significant improvements to the front-end as well.

  4. As a developer who has moved to running WordPress headless as a progressive web app, I’ve long awaited the announcement that custom fields are now supported in the REST API. Great work!!!!

    • Hi, Liat! I am sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for raising this so quickly! It seems to be a glitch on our site (we are working on the fix) but I managed to find a workaround. You can now see and use that piece of code expanded on the page.

      Kind regards, Dario

  5. OMG yes! you have no idea how needed this was. Now my real estate clients can actually save time uploading listings.

  6. Just out of curiousity regarding the REST API integration…

    Do you have on your roadmap to support Views via REST like your developer Adriano started here: https://github.com/adrianosferreira/toolset-rest ?

    Also, how about CRED or Access?

    Just wondering if you are stopping at Types or plan to include support for your other plugins.

    Regardless, great work guys!

    • Hello Jay, we see this as a first step of REST API integration which will hopefully helps us understand what we should do next. Would you care to elaborate, exactly what sort of REST API-related features in Toolset would you find useful? This sort of feedback is really important to us.

      And – thanks a lot!

  7. hi Amir, how about adding ‘simple’ nav for the lightbox nav + social share ? will greatly help to reduce number of plugins needed.

  8. Thanks for some great work. Are you able to tell us what the dev road map is for the next few releases for Toolset please? I know that B.S. 4 and a calendar are in there somewhere ( there is much excitement about that). Thanks again. I was also wondering if you had considered selling an annual sub for the future calendar $10-20 py to ensure continued future funding of Toolset. I know it might not be popular, but I’d pay it… Also contacting Toolset Contractors to provide 1 on 1 training via screen sharing software as I have recently come across some people who were looking for 1 on 1 tuition. if they could all agree on a set rate per hour then the argument of a race to the bottom in pricing would be a null point.

    • Hi Alan, thank you. What I can reveal about the future is that the work on Bootstrap 4 support has already started. There plans for the Calendar view and also some post relationship improvements in the future (which are still only taking shape). But there’s much more going on.

    • I like the idea of annual sub for calendar as well because this feature would be so valuable to my clients. And I assume it would speed up development, as it seems it is taking longer and longer to roll-out updates that have been “planned” months or even years earlier…

  9. Hello,

    Does this not apply to front end cred forms? I updated but this only seems to effect the back end.


  10. For us not so advanced level users here any chance you could give an example of what this actually means – “expose custom fields in the REST API” ? and a real-world example of it? I hear a lot about this but don’t quite understand it so knowing more about what possibilities this opens up would be great.

    • Hi Timothy, if you need an introduction into REST API in WordPress, I would suggest one of these introduction articles (and I guess there are many more out there) that describe the whole topic rather well, I think. Or, you can also refer to the official REST API Handbook which also contains detailed technical information. After looking into these, our documentation page about the Toolset integration with REST API should start making much more sense.

      That being said, we’ll be updating that page with such links to additional information.

      Does this help?

  11. “You can drag-and-drop to re-order them and add many images in one go”,
    is it possible in front end form?

    • Hi, Fabio! The next release of Toolset Forms will bring very nice improvements to the way images are uploaded using the front-end forms (using the Media Library manager). We hope to release this very soon. Stay tuned and thank you!