This release improves the way that Toolset Views handles caching. You will see the biggest change on large sites with frequent content updates.

How Views cache works

Toolset Views plugin needs to keep a list of all custom fields on the site. Generating such a list is very server-intensive so Views stores it as a permanent cache.

The challenge with handling such a cache is deciding when to invalidate it so that the expensive rebuild process is not run too often.

Cache improvements in Views 2.8.1

Toolset Views 2.8.1 greatly improves this caching mechanism. Now, it will regenerate this cache only when absolutely necessary.

These improvements will be most noticeable for large sites where content is published and updated very frequently.

For example, our own and sites are huge and include ever-running forums. With this release, Views is no longer rebuilding its cache literally all the time and the performance improvements for us are big.

Manually managing Views cache

Toolset Views now also allows you to manually manage this cache. You can find this option on the Toolset -> Setting page, under the Front-end Content tab.

Views cache options on the Toolset Settings page
Views cache options on the Toolset Settings page

If you select the option to keep the cache until you clear it manually, the cache will be considered valid until you clear it here.

If you add custom fields to your site without clearing the cache, Views will automatically update the cache with new fields as soon as a value was saved to them. However, the cache will only be updated and not rebuilt so it will not impact the site’s performance.

Download and Update

If you registered Toolset on your site, you can get this update automatically from the admin. To download plugins manually, go to your Toolset account’s Downloads page.

Don’t forget to backup your site before updating.


Are you running a larger site whose content updates frequently? Do you notice any performance improvements with this release?

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get back to you!