Changes Coming to NEW Toolset Accounts


August 13, 2018

In a few days, we’re going to make another small change to Toolset accounts. We’ll be renaming the accounts and slightly changing their content. This change is only for NEW accounts and has zero effect on all clients with existing accounts.

Upcoming Toolset account options

The new accounts will be:

Account Intended for Includes sites Price
Presentation Setting up and displaying custom content Types, Views, Layouts 1 $69
Interactive Building e-commerce, listing, membership and classifieds sites All of Toolset’s components 3 $149
Agency Building e-commerce, listing, membership and classifieds sites All of Toolset’s components Unlimited $299

Clients with existing accounts stay with their accounts without any change. If you already have a Toolset account, there is no change to it and you have the same upgrade options as before. You can download the same plugins, register the same sites and your yearly renewal is the same.

When we make this change, we will start selling NEW accounts with these names and that content.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.


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  1. Hi, if I get an agency-account right now, I will stick to the yearly renewal of $111.75? Correct?

    • That’s right. We will not modify anything related with existing accounts. Since we haven’t made this change yet, if you buy the Agency account now, it will include all plugins and unlimited sites and yearly renewal will be $111.

  2. Hi,
    My intention was to upgrade to a lifetime account and now I can not?
    When I bought the license it was the first question I asked. I had the link on my dashboard for this, how do I do it now?

    • Actually, we closed Lifetime accounts 4 months ago. This change doesn’t modify the existing accounts.

  3. So in other words…
    You double the price for “Agency” Account from 149 to 299. And you take stuff away from the “Single licence” which stays at 69 bucks.

    Lucky for me I shipped in early enough for Agency Lifetime 🙂

  4. Hi Amir, Pls focus more on support [increase support personal ,etc ] and upgrading the search functions . its really nightmare to search at the site now. its slow and loading unrelated results. previous search method was good. thanks.

    • Hi, sorry to hear you have had issues with our support and search, I have emailed you asking for some more details so we can fix and help to resolve.

  5. Sorry, a little late with a comment – Will localhost development count as a license? Since you have only had unlimited previously, you haven’t had to think about that.

    Is the licensing solution currently used “agency” friendly? Agencies don’t want to have to reenter the license repeatedly. Develop on localhost, push to staging, push to production – each time you have to get a site key. Later on for the next round of updates, pull down from production to localhost and again reset the key. This is not too burdensome if you only have one site, but is unhappy if you are doing it everyday. I think it is EDD that has one license for all sites that cuts down on this (check how Beaver Builder does it).

    • David, you don’t have to register sites that you build on localhost. The implication of not registering a site is that it doesn’t receive automatic updates. I think that automatic updates are more important to the production site, rather than to the local development site. Anyway, people on the current Agency account who can build unlimited sites stay with exactly the same plan. So, you can also register sites on development environment.

      I can’t promise new features to the license system soon, because we’re working on other features for Toolset.

  6. There is one thing wrong about you’re subscription workflow which i already reported.

    If i buy the 149$ plan and i renew, i can’t add another 3 sites. I stick only and always with 3 sites.
    So after a site is finished, it’s only used for updates, nothing more.

    So the renewal part is just talk… when i use toolset to create cpt for clients websites you can imagine how this sounds.

    • Maybe that’s a misunderstanding. Our “Interactive” account which costs $149 allows to register a total of 3 sites (not per year). If you are building more than 3 sites with Toolset, the next plan is called “Agency”, which allows to register unlimited sites.