Preparing for GDPR and our new Privacy Policy

May 15, 2018

Hello, everyone, Amit here, Toolset support manager. We just published our new Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance page and I am looking for feedback.

The page is still missing some information, which we are already gathering and will update it soon. These sections are marked as work-in-progress.

However, there is a fair chance we didn’t include some crucial information that helps you to:

  • Understand what data we gather and how it is stored and used.
  • Update/write your Toolset-powered site’s privacy policy so that your site is compliant with GDPR.

So, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions related to our Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance, please write to us using this contact form.



Comments 5 Responses

  1. A small thing but perhaps… “In short, we cannot erase data that is vital to you being our CURRENT customer (i.e. basic account information like an email address).” …might read better. x

  2. Where do I find more information on the Toolset plugin cookies? You are very general about them in your Privacy Policy, and for a fully compliant site I need to provide more information on my site… Most importantly, are the plugin cookies only communicating with MY website or is there any data shared with YOU?

    • These cookies only communicate with your site and never with The only communication mechanisms from your site to our are:

      1. When you register the plugins on for automatic renewals
      2. If you choose to send us details about the theme and plugins that you use (we use this information to send you alerts about compatibility issues, and you choose if you want to send it or not)

      Other than this, any cookie are only intended to keep the “state” of pages between the browser and your server. Whenever possible, we keep information in the DOM and not in cookies, but that’s not always possible.

      • Thank you for your clarification – this confirmation is important for me to know as a basis for the privacy policy statement of my websites