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April 11, 2018

This morning, we finally moved our own site from to It’s the same site with the same accounts and the same everything else, but on the right domain.

Right after switching, I noticed that I need to log-in again. Of course, the browser doesn’t “remember” my login because it’s a new site. If you need to find your login details, I suggest these steps:

1. Go to the browser’s settings, expand the “advanced” section and click on Manage passwords. Look for your login on domain and enter the same user/PW for

2. Can’t find it? Use the password recovery link in our login page.

3. Still can’t log-in? Use our contact form and we’ll help you. Please remember that there are only so many of us, so do this really after you tried (1) and (2) 🙂

Besides these news, we’re also on track with the new production version of Toolset. We’re trying very hard to have a release candidate ready at the beginning of next week and complete all testing by the end of this month.


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  1. Hi Amir,

    New url, same site, would never have guessed. I did noticed something afoot over the weekend when there were parts of the site I couldn’t reach.

    The new Toolset? Is that just the final release of the betas we have sen recently or should we expect something more spectacular?

    • It’s the production release of all the betas that we released until now. I think that it’s pretty spectacular 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Great move. Now watch your user-base quadruple because people
    can “find” it/you …