Two-day Maintenance work on Discover-WP


December 11, 2017

We need to perform some important maintenance and upgrade work on our Discover-WP site. To do this, we need to put it offline for about 2 days. The upgrade will start on Tuesday morning (Central European Time), 12th of December and the site should be back online on Thursday morning, 14th of December.

Besides some behind-the-scenes improvements, there are two main new features that this upgrade will introduce to the test sites you run on Discover-WP:

  • Everything will run on SSL / HTTPS protocol.
  • We are adding some nice examples of using the just-released Toolset Maps 1.4. This includes the possibility to use the visitor’s location as a marker, or as a center of a search by distance. You will be able to see these new examples on the “Travel Destinations” and “Real Estate” reference sites.

Thank you for your understanding and Discover-WP will see you back online very soon in an improved form!