Toolset on Facebook – Why and for Who


March 24, 2017

For me, social networks are not a very natural thing. I created my FB account maybe 4 years ago and still barely use it. I got my first cellphone just a year earlier. Maybe this is why our Facebook page looks more like an afterthought than something well managed. However, I’m seeing nice activity led by Toolset users and I want to recommend it.

Toolset Developers, by Steve Wolk, is a friendly group where developers share and discuss ideas.

If you need any help with Toolset, I recommend asking in our technical support forum. It runs with a team of trained supporters, covering Asian to West-cost US timezones.

In Steve’s Facebook group, you can talk with fellow WordPress developers (not only support people who’s objective is to resolve things as fast as possible). It’s a different atmosphere and scope.

If you’re part of other social groups related to Toolset or WordPress development in general, leave a comment and share. I’m sure that others are interested to know.


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