Last week we announced the compatibility of all theme integrations with WooCommerce. Our own Toolset Starter was left behind. We just updated Toolset Starter. See how it works and how you can use it to create custom WooCommerce sites without PHP.

To see the magic, you should have the following plugins active in your site:

  • WooCommerce
  • Types
  • Views
  • Layouts
  • WooCommerce Views

The theme installer can get the required plugins for you, but you need to provide a site key for that. If you’re developing locally, you might as well install and activate Toolset plugins first.

Then, activate our Toolset Starter theme.

As soon as you activate the theme, you’ll see a prompt to run the setup wizard. This is how the entire process looks like:

At the end, you’ll have layouts for every part of the site, including for WooCommerce products (single product and the Shop page). From there, it’s simple. Click on the Front-end Layouts Editor button, in the admin bar and edit any layout you see.

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