New Pricing for Toolset, Offering Lower Entry Point


January 10, 2017

We’re happy to announce new pricing for Toolset. The goal of this update is to make it easier to get started with Toolset, while guaranteeing the sustainability of the project.

The new plans and pricing are:

  • Basic: $69 USD, good for one site, offering one year of updates and support
  • Agency: $149 USD, good for unlimited sites, offering one year of updates and support
  • Lifetime: $399 USD, good for unlimited sites, offering updates and support for life, without additional charge

The new Basic account gives access to all of Toolset components. It allows building one site with Toolset, which will receive automatic updates.

As always, we offer upgrades to ‘higher’ accounts. When upgrading, clients only need to pay the difference and not the full cost of the account.

Since the cost of the Lifetime account just went up, everyone who bought Toolset until now is locked to the previous pricing. If you bought a yearly Toolset account before today and you want to upgrade to a Lifetime account (no matter when you upgrade), you will need to pay $150.

We hope that you’re enjoying Toolset and we’d love to get your feedback. Leave your comments and I’ll get back to you.


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    • We’re getting there. It’s taking us a little more time than we planned, mainly because we added some last minute updates. The total delay should be about 2 weeks. Now we’re doing full testing for the Toolset-based themes and we’re closing Layouts 1.9 and updates for all other Toolset plugins.

  1. The pricing seems reasonable. Two ideas:

    – Offer an incentive for Toolset owners to buy WPML and vice versa.

    – Buff up the Toolset Starter theme and offer it in the WP theme repository. That would get a Toolset ready theme into people’s hands.

  2. Excellent idea. It’s in all our interests that sustainability is maintained. I have to say the support is exemplary and although there is a learning curve one of the best investments I’ve made ever. Thank you.

    • Yes. You will be able to register only one domain for automatic updates. It can be a site on a network.