Toolset Update for WordPress 4.7


November 30, 2016

On Monday, we released a round of updates for all Toolset plugins. These updates mainly focus on compatibility for WordPress 4.7 and include a few other enhancements and improvements.

Here are the highlights for Toolset plugins, besides the compatibility with WordPress 4.7.

Types 2.2.4

  • Support all custom post types in Toolset Dashboard.
  • types_render_shortcode() function and {{types}} shortcode now allows to use “id” attribute for $parent-post selection.
  • A new ‘examples’ folder was added to Types, showing how to customize PHP templates to display custom post types, taxonomy and fields (when not using the full Toolset package).

Views 2.2.2

  • Improvements to the {{wpml-string}} shortcodes, so that it works in all cases.
  • Fixed a couple of small bugs related to Views AJAX pagination.
  • Fixed a small issue when using the redirection in our {{wpv-forgot-password-form}} on a site using WooCommerce.

CRED 1.8.3

  • Improvements to the {{wpml-string}} shortcodes, so that it works in all cases.
  • Added validation for required notification email sender.
  • Fixed issue with scrolling when there is a big amount of post fields in a CRED Form.
  • Fixed warning about illegal string offset ‘skypename’.
  • Fixed issue that CRED body notification translation was not updated when form is saved.
  • Fixed issue with CRED delete post link where GET parameters were causing issue in Views.
  • Fixed issue with date/time field that was not showing time.
  • Fixed issue with Toolset menu that was not being expanded in item edit.

Layouts 1.8.9

  • Bug-fix: Reviewed and empowered all the controls migrated from old select2 version to 4.x.
  • Bug-fix: Improved strings escaping for Accordions and Tabs identifiers to simplify the output and prevent Javascript errors with characters encoding.
  • Feature: Made all the Tabs and Accordion headers area clickable to expand/collapse elements as in original Bootstrap behaviour.
  • Bug-fix: Fixed problem when inserting CRED Form and CRED Form User cell with Firefox.
  • Bug-fix: Fixed issue with CRED Form preview when Layouts was active and assigned to home page.
  • Security: prevent empty values to be added to Layouts create ajax request to avoid XSS vulnerability on empty width field.

Access 2.2.2

  • Fixed the problem with WPML language switcher and non-logged users.
  • Fixed an issue with the wpcf_access_get_current_page method when WPML plugin is deactivated.

Download and update

As always, you will receive these updates automatically to your sites if you registered them. You can always download updates manually from your Toolset account.

It’s a good idea to back up your sites before updating WordPress, plugins or the theme.


Let us know how this is working for you. If you have any sort of problem related to WordPress 4.7, please report in the technical support forum and also leave a comment here, so we can follow up quickly.


Comments 10 Responses

  1. Hi Amir,
    Thanks for the update. I am waiting for the demo schedule related with theme development and distribution with toolset. Have not received any update on that. Any update on that?

    • We’re doing a round of demos this week. The response was overwhelming, so it’s taking us a little more time. Early next week, I’m going to write a detailed post for everyone about how this works with a video demo. If after this you want to have a call, I’ll be very happy to arrange it.

  2. Hi Amir,
    any update on Layout 1.9 beta?
    It’s already been 20 days since you said it would be added to the downloads section in a week…

    I’m checking the download section every day 🙁


    • You’re absolutely right. I promised an update.

      We need around 2 more weeks to complete the development of Layouts 1.9. This also includes updating all the different integration plugins that we’ve created for different themes. Then, we’ll need another week for testing before we release Layouts 1.9 as “production”.

      There are also Xmas and New Year soon.

      So, we’re going to release a good (but not fully tested) version of Layouts 1.9 before Xmas and then the production version right after New Year. This way, we don’t leave you with a very major new release and no support staff.

      You don’t need to refresh the Downloads page to discover Layouts 1.9. I’ll write a detailed blog post about it and send an email newsletter to all Toolset clients.

      Sounds fair?

    • Yes. It’s around 3 months to develop and then some testing. We need to complete Layouts 1.9 with all the new features in it before we’re fully back to Types 2.3 and post relationship.

      • Amir this is an off topic question. But I noticed that I get an email when there is a reply in your comments section. May I ask you which plugin you use to send out email when there is a new reply? I am looking for a lightweight solution for my comments.

        • This is our own custom code and not coming from a plugin. We hook to when a new comment is created, check if it’s an admin or editor and a reply to another comment. If so, we send an email to the person who left the original comment.