Toolset fixes compatibility with Avada 5.0 and Customizr 3.4


October 31, 2016

Our priority is to offer you the possibility to use Toolset with the most popular themes on the market. Lately, you have addressed us some issues related to compatibility and responsive design. Our compatibility team has immediately investigated further and has updated the integration plugins as required. Let’s see what has been resolved for Avada and Customizr.

Toolset Avada Integration Version 1.4  |  Avada Version 5.0

Avada 5.0 no longer breaks Toolset Avada Integration plugin.

Previously, the cells provided by Avada Toolset Integration were broken and Layouts could not be used at their best. This was due to a significant change in the core class of Avada. To be more technical, the methods from `Avada()` class were used to be called statically until Avada 5.0 came out. We are happy to confirm that our Toolset Avada Integration plugin is now using these new methods appropriately.Avada and Layouts: Responsive

Avada is now responsive with Toolset Avada Integration plugin.

All the CSS fixes have been made (especially for the CSS media queries.) We know that the mobile market is exploding with unprecedented growth and how a responsive design ensures a great UX. We are delighted to announce that the responsiveness issue is fixed for mobile and tablet devices.

Toolset Customizr Integration Version 1.2 |  Customizr Version 3.4

Toolset Customizr Integration plugin now recognizes Customizr.

Previously, the integration plugin was using a different method to detect a certain class in the theme. In other words, the theme had changed its core classes and method names. Now, with Customizr Version 3.4, our plugin recognizes the theme by its name and every conflict has disappeared. The good news is that the update is also applicable with all the child themes of Customizr.

More anticipation and proficiency are coming.

Our testing workflow is constantly evolving. We are aiming to test our plugins with the dev versions of Themes before the new versions are actually released. We try our best to keep an optimized process, but the overall coordination does not completely rely only upon us. For example, sometimes we do not receive any advanced notice or pre-release versions from the authors.

We believe that your feedback is invaluable to continuously improve our products. Feel free to inform us if you are aware of any problems with some new versions of the Themes. We will focus on the necessary updates to make.

Finally, we have also been working on both Toolset Genesis Integration and Toolset Divi Integration plugins. An update will be available very soon. Stay tuned!


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    • Page Builder mode for Layouts is actually coming along nicely. We should have a first beta next week. There were a ton of details to iron out in this development, but most are already handled.

  1. Hi,

    Definitely appreciate the Toolset team update and your respectable efforts but still we have to ask again what is going on with your content builder are there any major update soon or still we have to use Divi or BB for this matter.

    With Many Thanks

    • We’re planning to have a first beta next week. This is major development for Layouts, so i’ll write a newsletter email about it to all Toolset clients.

    • Wonderful news as always from the best Toolset team,hopefully this time we will not need to use any external builder like Divi or BB for any Content Layouts with Toolset team magic touch to make Layouts the most elegant module in the Toolset family which will drive anyone crazy to eventually stop using any other builder..definitely I stay tune for this major update.

  2. Amir, did I get it right that Toolset Layouts page builder is going to produce the cleanest code output? It is pure Bootstrap? What really doesn’t convince me about page builders is their bloated code, why I have to use in between 7 to eleven divs plus many CSS classes to display a photo and some content on the side? I remember I did a comparison time ago between Layouts VS Beaver Builder (which I use and own) and I was shocked to see how much lighter and cleaner was Layouts vs BB. If my menory work well was 4 divs Layouts and 11!!! divs BB. What is your opinion on this heavy markup produced by page builders? They say that its OK, validate and don’t affect speed and SEO, what do you think?

    • To follow up from the end of your interesting comment that’s one of many reasons why Layouts should be the prime page and content builder instead of using any external builder like Divi or BB and this is a very important from the marketing strategy and Toolset integration point of view.

    • We haven’t worked on integration with Thrive yet. Toolset comes with nice integration with Divi. Right now, after Divi went through a number of major changes, this integration has problems, but we’re working to fix it. We’re planning to resolve all issues during this week (for both Divi and Genesis). Once this integration is working smoothly again, we’ll be very happy to get your input and see which features we should add to it. I bet that you’re more expert in Divi than we are.

      • Hi Amir,

        As you aware any integration with ANY external theme or plugin prone to stop any time with new update so please give us and your team the waiting gift through making Layouts the wordpress and market leader for page and content builder with the advantage not only because it’s your baby but the smooth integration with the rest of toolset family like Views which really deserve the best builder to represent the outcome with the best user experience.


  3. Hi Amir
    one of many reasons why Layouts should be the prime page and content builder instead of using any external builder is said before. So I m happy to start with Layouts 1.9. What about the news from types 2.3. I m looking for the new many to many feature that is coming soon.

  4. Hi Amir,

    Let add my voice with the very interesting conception for Layouts to be the prime page and content builder instead of using any external builder.


    • Thanks. We’re almost there. Layouts 1.9, with the page builder mode is already working in our development version. We need to do a bit of polishing up and we’ll release a first public beta. Trying to complete this by the end of this week. Right now, Layouts is still far behind most page builders in terms of convenience and responsiveness. However, it’s the only builder that integrates so much custom development. In the coming releases, we’ll gradually improve the front-end design of Layouts, so that you get everything in one plugin.

  5. Hello,

    I do not know about the others but is content building will be part of the new features for Layouts 1.9 as I’m sick using external builder with Layouts available to us which only need Toolset team to focus and add the missing features so we can throw away any external builder.


    • Yup, it’s going to be part of Layouts 1.9. This version is currently at the end of the development cycle, going into QA in about two weeks.

  6. I’m really looking forward to the Toolset Pagebuilder. In fact, I’ve been “sitting on the edge of my seat” for quite some time now hoping for its development and now soon to be released onto the WordPress stage. This is the missing piece for me. I’m sure like all things Toolset, it will be well built.

  7. WoW very good news for all Toolset fans soon they will dispense any external builder with the new Layouts update.

    Only I have one suggestion for Toolset team to be up to the challenge so that Layouts become the best builder for wordpress platform.


    • Thank you for your support and encouragement. We are working hard to make Layouts and all of Toolset plugins the best we can. Together with this, we consider theme authors as our partners. We acknowledge the fact that everyone develops an expertise in their niche. We don’t want Toolset to be better than everything else or cover everything that every theme does. Our goal is to allow you to conveniently design the site’s layouts with Toolset, add custom functionality with Toolset and use the design features that different themes offer. This way, we focus on our unique features and we benefit from the huge development that theme authors do.

      The “Content Layout” mode, coming in Layouts 1.9, will allow you to also design “the content” part of pages very conveniently. From that point, I think that it’s a matter of personal preferences. Some people will prefer to use only Layouts. Others will probably prefer to design the overall structure with Layouts and individual pages with their favorite builder. Our aim is to make it possible.

      Does this make sense?

  8. For fact most of the many Toolset integrations done with so many tools in the presentation level so Teelset team keep working very hard to make it available because Layouts lacks the features most of the Toolset clients need it and Layouts become like a poor baby compared to the other external builder.

    If Toolset team keep focus the effort to integrate with so many other tools without a doubt the team will live with so many requests to fix compatibility issues or the integration keep stop because of the external tools new updates.

    So from the practical prospective I share the opinion with so many Toolset clients to make Layouts better because the integration requests will be less or disappear and Toolset team can breathe and focus they efforts for Toolset improvements particularly Layouts.

    • Sorry for the late reply. I read your comment immediately, but forgot to reply here.

      Layouts 1.9 is very near now. We’ve already finished implementing the main features and it’s working smoothly in our development and testing. Now, we are polishing a number of last things, for design and usability.

      This release will include a “page builder” mode and a number of other enhancements. These will make it convenient to build full sites with Layouts in an intuitive and efficient way. Layouts already packs a number of power features that other builders lack.

      We’re also cutting down the number of integrations, so that we can indeed focus on what people need.

      We’ll release a beta as soon as we’re done testing and it’s in a very presentable state. I think that it will take another week from now. Then, all of us will be very happy to get your feedback and see if we’re on the right direction for what you need.

      Sounds fair?