CRED 1.5.2 With Fixes and Stability Improvements


March 17, 2016

We are happy to announce the new CRED bugfixing release. Together with the 1.5.1 release, 1.5.2 version resolves some important issues and bugs, while also providing a general stability and usability improvements.

Important Bug Fixes

Email notification

Introduction of CRED User Forms and CRED Commerce combination increased the complexity of email notifications. Email notifications issues found with the 1.5 version are now fixed with additional usability improvements added.

URL Rewriting of images when using Cloud services

There was an issue with File Uploading fields where CRED was not allowing S3 Cloud plugins to rewrite the URL of the uploaded files. This issues is now fixed.

Flat Taxonomy

We fixed few issues related to the flat taxonomy and improved the usage in order to follow the exact same workflow found in WordPress.

Hiding of the Password text field

The issue where the Password text field was disappearing after form submission has been fixed.

Improvement to the cred_delete_post_link shortcode

This cred_delete_post_link function/shortcode has been improved and all the issues related to the redirection have been fixed as well.

Compatibility with the Geo Map plugin

The Geo Map plugin was not usable with CRED because of a JavaScript console error related to jQuery effect plugin extension. That extension was improved and the issue was resolved.

Nested cred_show_group shortcode

When cred_show_group shortcode was used inside too many nested levels, last one was printed on the front-end. This issue is fixed.

New Features

New filter hook for email notifications

Email notifications now feature a new filter hook: ‘cred_mail_header’. It allows users to add custom header checking using $formid and $postid.

Improved the cred_form_validate function for File Fields

With the introduction of the progress bar for the file uploading fields (audio, file, image and video) the cred_form_validate function was no more available as it originally was. This new release enables it again and allows you to use cred_form_validate function inside a custom validation function.

Uniformity of CRED form shortcodes in Posts and Pages

So far, CRED featured two kinds of shortcodes that produced the same results.

We could use the following shortcode structure.

{{cred_form form=”{{cred form name}}”}}

If CRED form was not unique, we could also use the following shortcode structure.

{{cred_form form=”{{cred form post_id}}” form_name=”{{cred form name}}”}}

Both of these shortcode structures provided the same results. This release unifies and streamlines the usage of CRED form shortcodes. Example of correct usage is shown in the following shortcode.

{{cred_form form=”{{cred form post_id}}” form_name=”{{cred form name}}”}}

Download and Update

As always, the best way to update your sites is by registering Toolset plugins. You will receive automatic updates to Toolset plugins to all your registered sites.

Alternatively, you can get these new versions from the Downloads page in your account. Please be sure to update all Toolset plugins together.


A lot of work went into this release and the entire Toolset team is looking forward to your feedback.

If you need technical help, the best is to report it in the technical support forum.

For questions, general feedback, suggestions and ideas, leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.


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  1. Any documentation about this technical aspect?
    In particular I’d really like to dive into cred_mail_header hook usage.

    Also I see CRED documentation is still lacking of important information like [cred-container-id]

    Best regards

    • Hello,
      Dario here, lead documenter. Thank you for a valid question/comment!

      I have just published an update to our CRED API documentation which now includes information about the cred_mail_header. You can find it here:

      I have also included the [cred-container-id] in the list of things to add to our documentation. Since we are just before a big update to the whole Toolset, the this update list is big. This means that I cannot tell you when this will be added specifically.

      I hope this helps. Thank you for the comment and the suggestions!

      Kind regards,

    • Hi Dario,
      thanks for your quick answer!

      You make me really curious about this big update!
      Heading up to see what you guys are bringing to us!

      Thank you very much for your effort and your support
      Best regards