Looking for an easy way to master Types and Views? You got it! Meet our new site Discover-WP.

Discover-WP lets you quickly launch fully-working test sites, featuring Types, Views and WooCommerce. You’ll get your own private test sites, on our server, with the reference site that you want. Then, it’s like your own. You can edit any content, change any setup and experiment with anything.

I can go into lengthy explanations on the wonderful things that you can accomplish with Discover-WP, but it’s actually faster for you to create a test site and see for yourself than read about it. Launch your free test site »

And, you’re also getting full-length tutorials, that walk you through the entire process. You can follow the tutorials to see how we built everything, what different Views do and even how we crafted the HTML and CSS.

Step 1 – Choose what site to launch

Right now, you can choose between real estate, e-commerce and magazine sites. We’re working on more (suggestions are welcome).

Step 2 – Register

Enter your name and email to get your own private test site. We really need those to make you the admin of your private site. No. We don’t SPAM and we don’t bother you.

Step 3 – Login to your site and let the fun begin

Login to WordPress and land in the network admin of your test site. There, you can edit anything, create new types, Views and Content Templates and experiment with Types and Views.

Get Started

Discover WP is 100% free.

If you already have a Views account, you can use it as a learning resource and see how we’ve built our reference sites. If you don’t have Views and are curious to learn a new technology, here is your risk-free way to do it.

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Need Help? Got Suggestions?

For technical help, it’s always best to use our forum. Let us know what you think by leaving your comment here.