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ย  ย Amir

October 8, 2012

Looking for an easy way to master Types and Views? You got it! Meet our new site Discover-WP.

Discover-WP lets you quickly launch fully-working test sites, featuring Types, Views and WooCommerce. You’ll get your own private test sites, on our server, with the reference site that you want. Then, it’s like your own. You can edit any content, change any setup and experiment with anything.

I can go into lengthy explanations on the wonderful things that you can accomplish with Discover-WP, but it’s actually faster for you to create a test site and see for yourself than read about it. Launch your free test site »

And, you’re also getting full-length tutorials, that walk you through the entire process. You can follow the tutorials to see how we built everything, what different Views do and even how we crafted the HTML and CSS.

Step 1 – Choose what site to launch

Right now, you can choose between real estate, e-commerce and magazine sites. We’re working on more (suggestions are welcome).

Step 2 – Register

Enter your name and email to get your own private test site. We really need those to make you the admin of your private site. No. We don’t SPAM and we don’t bother you.

Step 3 – Login to your site and let the fun begin

Login to WordPress and land in the network admin of your test site. There, you can edit anything, create new types, Views and Content Templates and experiment with Types and Views.

Get Started

Discover WP is 100% free.

If you already have a Views account, you can use it as a learning resource and see how we’ve built our reference sites. If you don’t have Views and are curious to learn a new technology, here is your risk-free way to do it.

Get your free learning site

Need Help? Got Suggestions?

For technical help, it’s always best to use our forum. Let us know what you think by leaving your comment here.


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  1. I love the concept of your tools. i envisioned so many ways to improve my wordpress sites. Thank you for these templates to study. I spent several days trying to learn views and types but gave up. This tool will definitely help but please take the next step and add a series of how to videos. Personally, I like how how http://www.lynda.com/ uses short in depth training.

    • Just finished watching one of the Lynda videos. It’s wonderful. This comes at the best time for us. We’re getting started on videos that will go with each of the tutorials for discover-wp.com. I love how the narration goes with the video and presents a complex topic from zero. Very inspiring.

  2. Wow, Amir, that is some seriously ingenious marketing, I can’t think of anything that would do more to push the Types & Views methodology.

    • Thanks. We’re going to get rid of that useless Views promotion box from the Types admin and invite people to learn new tools on discover-wp.com. This time, we’ll make the promotion a lot more helpful instead of annoying. At least, that’s the goal ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You are definitely the winner of my personal “best spent money” award for this year, and the favorite nominee for the “best spent money in WordPress plugins” of all times. I still wonder how you manage to do all of what you do, with only $49. Congratulations, really well done job!

  4. I must admit I envy everyone who’s just starting to learn types & views because I had to learn it the harder way.
    Having working examples to mess around with? Trying out solutions risk free, having the plugin developer ready to look over your code and pinpoint the error?

    I quit! I want a new job! This one has become way too easy for me…

  5. I’m trying to follow your tutorial ‘Create a WordPress Magazine Theme’. Already in the section ‘2. Create a category-column, showing post teasers’ i’m stuck.
    It says ‘The only remaining thing is to put something inside those โ€˜itemsโ€™. Remember our View Template? Now we get to use it. Click on the V icon. Youโ€™ll see a list of View Templates (among other fields). Select the View Template that we created and insert it.’
    There’s is no clickable V icon on my ‘Add New View’ page, not in Safari and not in Firefox. What am i missing here…?

    Also the HTML for the View Layout i’m getting looks different from yours:

    [wpv-no-posts-found][wpml-string context="wpv-views"]No posts found[/wpml-string][/wpv-no-posts-found]

    • We’re updating this tutorial. Right now, the only 100% accurate tutorial is for Real Estate. We’ll have the other tutorials updated (and more built) in about 10 days.

  6. Awesome! Imagine how much free time the support desk folk will have now…

    I started learning TV on a Friday evening with the hope of having it running by Monday – only to find the help desk folk were all away that weekend! Imagine how much easier it would have been with this.

    I love TV but have hesitated to recommend it because of the documentation and buggy demo. Glad to see you are getting those problems solved. TV should be part of every WP install!


    • Sure thing. Let’s get a free load test from your students ๐Ÿ™‚

      Feel free to mention they can experiment with Types and Views. Maybe we’ll see a few new clients.

  7. I was working with the woocommerce demo. I could not figure out how to make the variable product give me options on the single product page. Any help?

    • Can you open a thread about this in our forum? Try to explain exactly what you’re trying to achieve and our support folks will help you do that.

  8. Great job on the discover-wp.com website. Such a great idea. I’m wondering if there is a way to download the ecommerce template that is being used on those sites. It appears to be a child theme of views base and would be super helpful for rapid ecommerce deployment.

    Also, I’m seeing an error on my instance’s back end: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nfs/c04/h04/mnt/79735/domains/test.northernspyfoodco.com/html/site/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-views/embedded-views/inc/wpv-shortcodes.php on line 801

    Where should I post bugs or questions regarding the discover-wp.com site?? Within the wp-types.com forums?

  9. Hi,

    I’d like to try this, but the register page always says “Could not send activation email”. I have tried with two different emails and all the site types.

    Btw, how long can I use the test site? Could I use it as a development site? Can I install themes and plugins of my own choice? Are you taking back-ups of the sites?


    • Thanks for letting me know. We changed the email password yesterday and forgot to update in discover-wp.com. It’s working again now.

      • Sorry. Missed your other question.

        You can use the sites on discover-wp.com for as long as you need. However, they are not intended for full development. Sites will auto-close after being idle for 3 weeks. Our system will send a notification message about sites that are idle for 2 weeks and then auto-close after another week.

        We are planning to add an option to use sites for development, as you described. It’s not implemented yet.

        Our plan is to add import / export facilities, so that you can experiment and build complete designs there and then use the same design on your client’s projects. We’ll also be working with more theme authors, to have a bigger selection.

        Discover-wp.com is in its early days now and we’ll be adding a lot more soon.

      • Absolutely great, thanks! Waiting for the future development, take your time, you are doing so good! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • If you’re running on our own server at discover-wp.com, all required plugins are already installed. If you’re using the Views Demo Downloader and running locally, you should see a list of plugins (with download links) that you need to install yourself.