Views is Out of Beta


March 29, 2012

We’re excited to announce that Types and Views beta period is officially over. This means, more stability, complete QA and more integration with other plugins and themes.

First, I’d like to personally thank everyone who purchased Views during our beta run. I know that it takes a big leap of faith to buy and use something that new on live client sites. We all tried our best to give you the best product and support and I hope that you enjoyed the experience.

We’re several months after the initial release and feel that the Beta run is over. But besides changing the text on our site, what does this actually mean?

Longer and safer release cycles – we know that every time we release a version, you need to test your production sites and make sure that nothing is broken. We’ll be packing more stuff into each release and spacing them farther apart. The last release (0.9.5) already went through extensive QA. We’ll make this QA even more elaborate and include several public beta releases before announcing new versions.

Fewer changes in terminology and core functionality – during the last few months, we changed the way things are called and behave. Since there isn’t (yet) anything else as Views for WordPress, we had to come up with names for many things. Some went well and some were a bit confusing. We feel that the current naming is good now. At least we get it 🙂

More support people – as the volume of Views purchases grows and functionality increases, we’ll soon be adding more people to the support team.

Tighter integration with popular themes and plugins – there are a some great plugins and themes that we want to see play nicer with Types and Views. These will mean better control over search, access control and using Views. Now that we’re out of Beta and things are more stable, it’s time for us to start on this.

One year of support and upgrades – yeah, I had to get to this point too. Until now, everyone who bought Views gets lifetime updates. When you buy now, you get a year of support and upgrades. Next year, you can keep using what you downloaded already, but you’ll need to pay an additional 50% to keep getting support and upgrades from us.

Again, thanks to everyone who braved and used Views while it’s in Beta. Your feedback and support gave us a huge push. We’re rolling up our sleeves and getting back to all these new features that are already on our todo list!


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  1. Yeah, congratulations, Views and Types are an amazing product to use WP as a decent CMS. I’ll try to give you some feedback from a french (understand non ASCII caracters) user of Views. Keep up the good work !

    • Actually, it’s on our todo list too. We very much want to setup an online demo for Types and Views and we’ll have it running sometime soon.