Need help with multilingual Types and Views?


March 11, 2012

As you probably know, Types, Views and WPML all come from the same company. We’re going into great efforts to make sure that they are all fully compatible and allow you to build multilingual sites without hassle.

I’ve just finished a guide for building multilingual sites with Types and Views.

Please treat this guide as ‘work in progress’. We’re just in the process of translating our own site ( and this guide summarizes what we’re using ourselves.

There’s a tiny gotcha.

In the process of turning multilingual, we stumbled on a few bugs between Types, Views and WPML. These bugs happen in very specific situations and there’s a good chance that you’ll not be effected by them.

As we complete the process of turning multilingual, we’re also finishing the release of Types and Views 0.9.5.

If you want to start building multilingual sites with the current 0.9.4.x versions, you can go ahead. We will feel more comfortable seeing everything running on our own production site once the final 0.9.5 releases are out. In any case, please let us know how it’s working for you and if you need any help.


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  1. Great guide indeed!

    And as you mentioned in the answer to my forum question (that I only just now saw) this will also answer my earlier question what exactly needs translated and what not within Types and Views.