Views 0.9.3 – Raw HTML Edit Mode and Lots of Fixes


December 22, 2011

This release introduces some handy additions and fixes a handful of little bugs, making your design work much easier.

Raw HTML editing in Content Templates

This one is my personal favorite.

The WordPress editor is great, but it’s not really designed as a raw HTML editor. Even in HTML mode, it still adds line breaks and paragraphs to the code. As a result, crafting the exact HTML often becomes a real challenge. WordPress wraps texts in paragraphs according to complicated logic and when you want to produce very exact output, it’s often a challenge – one that I fail at.

We’ve added a real ‘raw output’ mode to Content Templates, which completely disables all this. When you edit a Content Template in Views 0.9.3 (and above), you’ll see this:

Output selection in Content Template

When you switch from ‘Normal WordPress output’ to ‘Raw output’, you take full control of what goes out.

Remember how you’d prefer to hard-code HTML in PHP template files just to avoid all that extra formatting? Away it goes. The new raw output mode lets you do just that from within the WordPress editor.

Added selection for ‘none’ in page parent filter

Many times, you might need to list just the top-level pages in the site. For example, if you’re building the site’s navigation. To make this simpler, we added an option to filter pages without parents.

Selecting top-level parents

When you filter by parent, you’ll see ‘none’ added to the list of pages. This will let you select the top-level pages.

Added PHP call to display Views from code

Sometimes, you need to call Views from within PHP code. For example, if you’re building themes and you want to have some conditional logic that selects what to place on the theme’s front page.

For this, we added a new shortcode, documented in the Views PHP integration page.


You can call it with either ‘name’, ‘title’ or ‘id’ to specify which View to load.

If you’re using the Embedded version in your themes, this will allow much more flexibility to properly integrate the Views with your custom logic.

Da Bugs

Being still in Beta, we push new releases to address bugs as they’re being reported. Views 0.9.3 fixes these bugs:

  • Fixed query filters in embedded mode
  • Allowing to export Views when ZipArchive is not available on the server
  • Use the View title when list views in V popup
  • Remove extra DIVs around view layout when they are not needed.
  • Remove <br /> after form in View
  • Fix view template so there is no infinite recursion when used with other plugins
  • View widget now shows more than 5 views
  • Featured Image title was missing in View layout
  • Caching and page pre-loading couldn’t be unselected

We’re very happy to have such an active and supportive community for Views already. We’re improving the support forum. The first improvement, out today, was to make supporter assignment visible. When you create threads, they’re first assigned to someone and their status updated.

This will give us better visibility about threads that require response, making sure that no issue is left behind.

Keep on reporting problems and making suggestions. Your feedback is hugely appreciated.