Without any programming skills, Toolset will help you take bigger and more challenging projects. You can use 80% of Toolset features without writing a single line of PHP or Javascript.

What You Can Do with Toolset and Zero Programming

Toolset allows you to add custom post types, fields and taxonomies to your WordPress sites, but that’s barely scratching the surface. The real power of Toolset is what you can do with these custom types, without writing any code.

Using Toolset is like having an expert programmer, instantly implementing what you request. If you know basic HTML and CSS, Toolset will take care of the programming for you.
  • Connect between different post types
  • Create custom queries and display lists on the front-end
  • Display custom fields and taxonomy
  • Build custom searches
  • Create forms for front-end content submission and editing
  • Create forms for front-end user registration
  • Display information as markers on Google Maps
  • Control access to different parts of the WordPress admin and front-end

What You Can Do with Toolset with a Bit of Programming

Toolset is highly extensible. Besides all the goodies that you can build without a single line of code, Toolset comes with advanced hooks and filters, allowing infinite enhancements.

If you’re an experienced programmer, Toolset will allow you to handle a lot more work for a lot less time. You will become more efficient and limit your custom coding to where it’s really needed.
  • Create custom workflows, turning WordPress into an application framework
  • Display calculated field values using custom shortcodes
  • Integrate Views with non-HTML display engines

I Already Use a Page Builder, Do I Need Toolset?

Toolset isn’t a page builder. It doesn’t replace page builders and page builders don’t replace Toolset. Page builders let you design the appearance of your content. Toolset lets you build custom elements that page builders were not designed for.

Toolset is fully integrated with the WordPress built-in Block Editor (Gutenberg). This allows you to build advanced custom sites visually using the native WordPress editor.

I’m Coming from Another CMS, How Can I Learn Toolset?

Many of today’s Toolset clients have used Drupal in the past. If you’re in Drupal now and looking for an alternative, have a look at our migration guide from Drupal to WordPress.

If you’re building custom sites with custom database tables and PHP code, read our tutorial on how to migrate from a custom database design into WordPress.

Still wondering how Toolset compares to alternative solutions? See our comparison of Toolset with free and paid alternatives.