Sometimes, in order to help you, Toolset support team may ask for access to your site. This access is intended for us to check what is happening inside your site and give you solutions based on what we are seeing.

What Toolset Support May Do With Your Site

Unless you give us specific instructions, in your support ticket, Toolset support team may only look at your site and not make any changes. Even if we see something that we are certain is wrong, we will not change it before we explain to you and receive your permission.

When you give us permission to make changes, please take into account that these changes may have unexpected results. Therefore, it is extremely important to backup your site before Toolset support starts working on it. Backup should include the database and the files system.

Confidentiality of Your Credentials and Content

Toolset support team will never pass your login details or any content or setup found in your site to anyone else. If we find a problem on your site, which we can only reproduce on your site, we may ask your permission to make a copy and use for development and debug purposes. The extent of this work is only to troubleshoot the problem that you have reported. Once we are done with this, we will no longer use your site’s data for other work.

Under no circumstances will we expose any of your site’s data or share it with anyone else. We will treat your site as we treat our own sites.

Providing Temporary Login Details

When we request login to your site, please don’t share with us your administrator account. Take a minute to create a new administrator account for Toolset support and share with us this login. When we finish troubleshooting your account, please delete the account that you have created for us.

Using Staging Sites

Whenever possible, we prefer to work on staging sites and not on your production site. We understand that this is not always possible.

How to Pass Private Information

Toolset support forum has two kinds of messages – public (normal) and private. The normal messages are completely public. Their content appears in search engines and is viewable to anyone on the Web.

When our support team needs to receive private information from you, they will invite you to post a private reply. Information that you enter into a private reply is only viewable to you and to our support team (the entire support team). You can enter account logins into private messages.

Providing Supporters With A Copy Of Your Site

Sometimes, our supporters may ask you to provide them with a copy of your site. They will do this when issues you are reporting need to be investigated in greater detail. Using a copy of your site is the safest and most convenient way to debug problems.

If you are providing our supporters with a copy of your site please remove all personal information from the copy.

Questions? Concerns?

Remember that when Toolset support team asks for access to your site, it is only in order to troubleshoot issues that you are seeing. If you are not sure, take your time and ask the supporter. To escalate privacy issues to our management, please use our general contact form.