Terms and Conditions

OnTheGoSystems is the company behind Toolset. By using Toolset plugins, this site, and all our related services, you agree to the terms and conditions presented below.

Using Your Toolset Account

By purchasing Toolset, you get access to your Toolset account. We provide three types of Toolset accounts: 1 Site, 3 Sites, and Unlimited Sites.

Each type of account provides you with access to all Toolset plugins. However, the type of your account defines how many sites you can register Toolset on.

All types of accounts also give you:

  • Full access to our support for 1 year
  • Free plugin updates for 1 year

What Happens If You Don’t Renew

You might decide not to renew your yearly subscription. In this case, you can still log into your Toolset account.

However, you will:

  • Stop receiving plugin updates
  • Lose access to support
  • Not be able to register new sites even if you still have available slots

If you don’t renew your account, your sites will keep working normally. Please note that WordPress and other plugins are frequently updated. As the version of Toolset on your site gets older, the chance that you might run into various compatibility issues increases.

Registering Sites With Toolset

After installing and activating Toolset on the site, you need to register that site.

Depending on your Toolset account type, you can install Toolset on a set number of sites:

  • 1 Site – 1 production site + 3 development sites
  • 3 Sites – 3 production sites + 9 development sites
  • Unlimited Sites – unlimited number of production and development sites

There is also the discontinued Lifetime account which doesn’t require a yearly subscription. If you own a Lifetime account, you can use it on an unlimited number of sites.

Receiving Support

Only clients with valid and active accounts can get our support. We offer support through chat and forum.

For detailed information on what’s included in our support, please read our support policy.

Developing Toolset-Powered Websites For Clients

You can freely register Toolset on websites you develop for your clients. 

However, when you do this, you are still the only one with access to your account’s features. This means that only you can download Toolset plugins, register sites, and get support.

In case your clients need support, you will have to be the one to provide it to them.

Adding Other People To Your Account

You might have different people on your team that need access to your account’s different features. For example, different people might need to pay for the subscription, open support tickets, or download Toolset plugins.

If this is the case, you can easily add more people to your account.

Fair Usage Policy

While the Unlimited Sites and the discontinued Lifetime accounts allow you to register Toolset on an unlimited number of sites, you must still use them according to our fair usage policy.

In other words, you can use them on websites you develop for yourself and/or your clients. You are not allowed to register Toolset on websites of third parties out of this scope.

We reserve the right to cancel any account that violates this policy.

Distributing Toolset Plugins Is Forbidden

Toolset name and logos are trademarked. You cannot use them without our explicit permission outside of what this terms page allows.

You also are not allowed to distribute any of our plugins for free or sell them. This means that you cannot:

  • Distribute Toolset plugins to third parties
  • Bundle Toolset plugins with your theme or plugin
  • Offer our plugins as a part of your hosting service package (e.g. “buy our hosting package and get Toolset for free”) unless it’s a part of a special agreement with us.

Privacy Information

If you’re looking for privacy information, read our privacy policy and GDPR compliance.