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[Closed] custom post type & taxonomy permalinks

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Last updated by David 9 years, 3 months ago.


I'm trying to make a project projects-catalog with Types.
I would like to structure the permalinks like this: -> page that displays an article and a list of all projects -> page that displays all design-projects -> page that displays the detail of a design-project

I've created a custom post-type "projects" and a taxonomy "types". No problems here.
The problem is, I can't figure out how to get the permalinks right with Types.

- The permalink of a project-detail looks like this: (so the taxonomy is missing)
- gives me an archive instead of page. (I've created a page "projects" under pages)
- When I add the types to the main navigation the permalinks of types look like this When I click on one, I get a 404.

Can someone get me on the right track?
When I can get this right I'm considering buying Views.


Dear Gardin,

Find my answer bellow:

1. Types and Views doesnt change the behavior of permalinks, it just uses wordpress standard functionality. There are several plugins and many discussions about this on the web.

2. You can disable archive page by editing the custom type.

3. You can change the taxonomy slug by editing the custom taxonomy.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.



I have a related question with regard to "menu parents". I use CSS and WordPress generated classes to nicely highlight what primary navigation menu is currently being viewed. If you're viewing a child page of that parent menu, the parent menu is still highlighted as a nice way of indicating to the user what section of the web site they're in.

My problem is that when I'm viewing my Custom Post Type "detail" page, the menu parent is considered to be my blog ("News") page.

Consider the following example for site navigation:

<b>Primary Navigation</b>
1. Home
2. Case Studies
a. United States
- New York
- Georgia
b. Canada
3. News

The main Case Study page lists a handful of case study summaries (headline, excerpt, photo) and properly highlights the <b>Case Studies</b> menu background (via li.current-menu-item). If you browse to the United States page, you get another summary list and <b>Case Studies</b> is again properly highlighted in the main menu (via li.current_page_parent). However, once you click on the New York listing to get the actual detailed Custom Post Type page, the li.current_page_parent class is now tied to the "News" page. Visually, this is very distracting as you would expect the New York Case Study to be contained under the Case Studies menu. Is there a way to solve this?

Secondarily, this is somewhat related to the Permalinks as well in that I would love for the path to ultimately be:

<b>URL / case-studies / united-states / georgia</b> as opposed to <b>URL / case-studies / georgia</b>

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