You can filter Views Queries by Post Status. This allows you to load only contents of the targeted post status and also includes the custom post statuses.

In the View Query Filter section, click on Add filter. You’ll see different filter options. Choose “Post Status” and this dialog will be shown:

Query Filter by Post Status Dialog


The post status can be set by one of the following:

Post Status SettingUsage
publishPublished contents, viewable by anyone.
draftIncomplete contents, viewable by anyone with proper user level.
futureScheduled contents, to be published on a future date.
inheritUsed with a child post contents (such as Attachments and Revisions) to determine the actual status from the parent post.
anyContents of any status.
pendingContents that are awaiting publishing by a user with the publish_posts capability (typically a user assigned the Editor role).
auto-draftRevisions that WordPress saves automatically while you are editing.
privateContents viewable only to WordPress users at Administrator level.
trashContents in the Trash which were deleted but not yet permanently.