Go to the Toolset -> User Forms page and click the Add New button at the top. A wizard will guide you through the steps.

First, give a name to your form.

In the next step, select the main form options. This includes selecting a role for the created user, what to show after submitting the form, and other.

Wizard for creating your front-end user forms
Wizard for creating your front-end user forms

Designing the user form

Next step, you need to build the form’s content. Click the Auto-generate form content button and a dialog will appear. Select the fields you want to use in your form.

Selecting form fields to autogenerate for your user form
Selecting form fields to autogenerate for your user form

The dialog lets you reorder and disable fields. You cannot disable mandatory fields and they have a lock icon next to them.

When you are done, click the Insert button. Auto-generated fields are inserted into the form contents.


Auto-generated form content
Auto-generated form content


Naturally, you can manually edit the auto-generated content. For example, you might change the labels for the inputs, insert generic fields or display certain sections conditionally.

If you need to add custom CSS styling or JavaScript to your form, expand the sections at the bottom of the Content editor.

E-mail notifications

The final step of the form-creation wizard allows you to add e-mail notifications.

When the user form is submitted, it can send notification emails. For example, when users register, you will want to send them their username and password, or a reset password link.

You can add multiple email notifications to be sent to different recipients.

User Forms Email Notifications

Displaying Toolset user forms

You can insert Toolset forms into any WordPress content including pages, posts and any custom type. Edit the content and click on the Toolset Forms button.

Toolset Forms button in WordPress editor
Toolset Forms button in WordPress editor

In the pop-up dialog that appears, select the form you want to insert.

Displaying user forms when using Layouts

When using Toolset Layouts to design your content, insert a User Form cell into your layout and select the form you just created.

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