Toolset Types 3.4.18 – Minor Security Update


March 9, 2023

We’ve just released Toolset Types 3.4.18. This release addresses a minor security issue, as well as a warning issue related to PHP 8.

The security issue fixed in this version is related to file imports, where files were not properly removed after a failed import. This issue is minor because it could only be performed by an administrator user.

If your server’s control panel (i.e. Plesk) or security plugins have flagged Toolset Types 3.4.17, there’s no need to worry. As mentioned, it’s more of an annoyance than a security risk and can be easily fixed by updating to the latest version.

How To Update Your Site?

Toolset Types 3.4.18 has been released to all sites already and you should see the update on the Plugins page in the WordPress admin.

If by any chance you don’t see it there, go to Plugins Add new and click the Commercial tab. On the page that loads, click Check for updates and then update Types to 3.4.18.

Of course, if you want to update manually, you can also download Toolset Types 3.4.18 from your account’s Downloads page.

Comments? Feedback?

Leave us a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.


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  1. Hi Dario,
    Effectively, I’ve been warned by Wordfence that there was a vulnerability issue with the previews Types version.
    Thanks for proposing this evolution, but I don’t understand why this is not managed automatically (as normally, new version are downloaded with the WordPress update process). As it is for security, I was hoping that this could be updated by this way but it seems this is not the case as I need to do it and log in all sites to make it.
    Any idea?

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